History Repeating Itself?!

“And he brought me a Barbie Camper!!!” I heard my daughter explain for the hundredth time since Christmas morning.  Today it was to a group of super-cool teenage girls at a local café.  It is, without question, her standard follow up answer to the standard post-Christmas greeting to anyone in the letter writing age group… “Did Santa come to your house?”

Indeed he did – and I won’t kid you – there were a few touch and go moments in the weeks that preceded the big day, and on more than one occasion the tentative nature of his impending stop was less leverage than it was back in my day…but then again times have changed….or have they?

You see – I remember writing my letter to Santa back in the day and asking for my own Barbie Camper – and I too remember towing the line to ensure I was on that Nice list. I remember the anticipation leading up to that day and the elation when I discovered Old Saint Nick checked off my list and left it under the tree.

I love that every now and again – in the middle of something completely unrelated she’ll stop and say something like “I just can’t believe Santa brought me that Barbie Camper or “Can you believe he came and brought my camper?!” (Yes – she’s adorable).  And yes - it calls to mind the words of that Shirley Bassey classic “it’s all just a little bit of history repeating itself”….except, my friends for the camper itself…which is the point of this blog ("Finally a point!!!!" – you scream…{gosh I hope you agree})

The 2010 Christmas edition of the Barbie Camper includes a big screen TV, GPS, a fridge, a range, a shower and yes – a toilet with flushing sfx.  I’ll grant you that’s my idea of camping, but let’s be clear an inordinate change from the camper on my wish list. What’s that?  You don’t believe me…well the good folks at Mattel, or in our case Santa’s workshop, have gone so far as to present today’s Mama with a visual aid of the 'then' and 'now' of it all on the package itself….thanks!

Barbie Camper then & now

What’s the take-away…a few things….

  1. Change is a good thing.
  2. Barbie now knows how to camp!
  3. Santa rocks!!!

Yes, there are more like – “I’m old” and “the camper I’ve been holding onto for my little girl to play with now completely sucks” but – being half full – I’m just going to go with my Top 3. sb


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  1. The answer I got from one young "20 something" man in response to the question "How was your Christmas this year?" was "I guess my parents think I'm all grown up now because all my gifts were.. (sigh)... practical," made me glad that even though my kids are grown, and my "to be" has passed the 1/2 century mark and I am coming up on that same mark fast myself, Santa still always stops at our house and delivers a little something "not so practcal". This year he left us a remote control car and an Xbox 360! So even when KR is past the point of disbelief of getting a Barbie camper and even past the point of belief all together, keep the magic alive and invite Santa to your home every year! It's so worth hearing "I can't believe he came to my house" for years to come!

    Comment by Tanya Kelly — January 2, 2011 @ 4:42 pm

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