A Lot of Alliteration Already…

I just finished writing a piece about two terrific Nova Scotia based businesses being featured in the Golden Globes Stars’ Gifting Lounge this weekend (Golden Opportunity to Shine for the Stars) and upon completion I couldn’t help but notice the inordinate amount of alliteration contained in the article.  Yes – 'inordinate' is a relative term – so I guess in relation to previous use on Sea and be Scene perhaps a slight increase – as it relates to all other sites except maybe www dot alliteration dot com* it’s staggering.  I counted 5 instances in the first paragraph alone.

But let’s be clear – this is in no way an apology – as I’ve said before… on camera, on this site and on the record – I LOVE alliteration.  It makes me happy.  I don’t even feel guilty about it – I just wanted you to know that I know that I’m doing it.

Broadcast NewsYes – it’s true, I have moments when I hear Albert Brooks a la Broadcast News** say “A lot of alliteration from anxious anchors placed in powerful posts!” as he yells at William Hurt through the TV set.  I know it’s not cool – but again, I LOVE alliteration – and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.

Why there wasn’t an episode of  Schoolhouse Rock that extolled it’s virtues I’ll never know…maybe then there’d be more people like me…. 

 Alas, alone in alliteration – all righty then…sigh....sb

Just so you know...

* believe it or not that domain is for sale…and no I’m not buying – I’ve got this one

** Broadcast News (1987) – is an incredible Oscar nominated movie Directed by James L. Brooks. Starring William Hurt, Albert Brooks, Holly Hunter. You kids out there who haven’t seen – “you are now required” to rent it! (That quote will make sense once you rent it) - Especially all you young newsroom whippersnappers.  It may have come out in 24 years ago, but besides the technology you’ll discover very little has changed.  Check out the trailer

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