My Top 10 Favourite Christmas Movies of All Time REDUX

I love Christmas!!!  And I love Christmas movies!!!

Stephanie Beaumont A Channel Edmonton

A Channel Edmonton days...

Many moons ago – when I worked in Edmonton as an Entertainment Anchor – I would often push the boundaries in my reporting. 

To be more accurate - I would push to the limits the time frame allotted for the ‘entertainment’ segment of the 6 o’clock news cast. Push the limits and test the patience of one of my favourite News Producers of all time Peter Angione…he always said – that I was “better suited for documentary film making than I was the news”.  And still to this day – I believe that 6 1/2 minutes with Jim Cuddy was NOT too long a piece for the broadcast and I will go to my grave knowing there was no way in God’s great earth I could do justice to a  piece on Oscar Fashion in a mere one minute and thirty seconds, but I digress…

I’m flashing back to those good old days because there were a few occasions in which Peter did allow for some expansion to the ‘pack’ – one such time was the feature “My Top 10 Favourite Christmas Movies of All Time”.  The season of giving I guess – but also because he was a fellow fan of film…so for you Peter Angione and for You good reader…I’m going to go through that list again – without the shackles of a breaking Oiler trade cutting in on my section of the newscast…without worry that I’ll be dropped entirely from the program because of some ‘crazy, plug your car in snow storm’ of a weather forecast …NO – I will not hamper my hailing, I will not curtail my Christmas carousing – I will rejoice and re-live...

My Top 10 Favourite Christmas Movies of All Time REDUX

(I know…on the re-read that seemed too wordy but to pare down the copy seemed contrary to the sentiment…I know - I know  Peter was right)

Of course I’m not going to list them all at once because it would simply take too long and let’s face it only a few of you have continued to read this far into the article… so I’ll just start with…

miracle_on_34th_street 1994Number #10
Miracle on 34th Street  (1994)

There are a lot of folks out there (myself  included) who say “don’t mess with a classic", but in this case - the 1994 retelling of the 1947 original was perfectly sweet.  Mara Wilson (Mrs. Doubtfire, Matilda) was amazing as usual in the roll of Susan Walker - originally played by Natalie Wood.  Elizabeth Perkins (Weeds, Big) played her mother and the dreamy Dylan McDermott (The Practice) played the neighbour and lawyer who defends Kris Kringle played by Sir Richard Attenborough…so there’s the cast - a great one indeed – and when you combine that roster with an updated, but ‘not too far from the original’ screenplay along with a lovely direction and cinematography, art direction and costumes – it’s like a Christmas hug. I BELIEVE…so they had me from the opening credits – but you really should give Miracle on 34th Street (1994) a look-see if you haven’t already.  I’ve already done so a few times this season and will again for sure. Merry Christmas!!! sb

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