My Top 10 Favourite Christmas Movies of All Time – REDUX*…#3

*sb note: For title rationale check out the first blog in this series & #10

One-Magic-ChristmasMy #3 Movie – One Magic Christmas (1985) (Buena Vista Pictures Distribution)

Of all of the movies in my Top Ten Favourite Christmas Movies of All Time…this will be the one entry that causes the most concern.  When I first qualified it back in the day… not a lot of people had heard of it – let alone seen it.  And yes – I’ve read the critics takes on this his festive film…but I don’t care – I LOVE IT!!! For a number of reasons…

  1. Nostalgia…I’ve sited this aspect before, but in this film it is palpable…2 reasons…

i)  I think of when I first saw it.  I was attending my 3rd year at Western in London, ON (Go Stangs!!!) and my housemates and I were skipping whatever class possible to see what was FREE on then STAR CHOICE aka MOVIE CHANNEL.  This movie was one of those films – and we watched it over and over again (and LOVED it!!!)

ii) The story takes place right “in the zone” for me as a kid…and by that I mean…it’s setting, and characters, and visual reference, etc. was just where I was when I wondered about the whole Santa thing…Oakville, ON – grade 4.  The clothes, the vibe – all of it…LOVED IT!!!

2. The Story…the tail of a cynical Mom – whose daughter, with the help of a Christmas Angel named Gideon, help her rediscover all that is good at Christmas.

 So here’s the thing…it’s so easy for any of us to lose sight of what’s truly important, but you’d be hard pressed to find the wrong in ‘just believing” – in Santa Claus and the magic that surrounds Christmas.

I told Gary Basaraba I loved his performance in this movie when I met him back in Edmonton and I would love the opportunity to say the same to Mary Steenburgen.  I loved it…I loved the kitsch, the ‘80’s glimpse at rural Canada and just about everything about this movie.Gary Basseraba - One Magic Christmas

Now I know this film had its critics…those that said it’s message and delivery were heavy and flawed etc…but let ‘em talk…the truth for me is… this movie is the perfect message for anyone who questions Christmas…to me – it answers WHY and embraces all that is possible! Merry Christmas!!!sb

Sarah Polley One Magic Christmas

Shot in mostly mid-western Ontario - here's Sarah Polley in her motion picture debut - One Magic Christmas

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