My Top 10 Favourite Christmas Movies of All Time – REDUX*….#9

*sb note: For title rationale check out my last blog & #10

The Bishop's Wife

My number 9 choice is a classic – the 1947 Christmas gem and Oscar nominated film The Bishop’s Wife.  This dreamy black and white movie stars the dreamy and dashing and charming and well...Cary Grant as an angel…so there’s that.  But the story is funny and touching and just plain lovely.  Call me old fashioned if you will, but I adore this picture! 

The story goes like this…The Bishop, played by David Niven (The Pink Panther, Separate Tables) - while planning for an elaborate new cathedral – loses site of what’s really important.  Dispatched by the almighty himself – the angel Dudley played by Cary Grant (Philadelphia Story, North by Northwest) is sent to help the Bishop find his way back to the reason for the season and becoming a man of the cloth in the first place. 

The Bishop's Wife

Cary Grant, David Niven & Loretta Young star in "The Bishop's Wife" Courtesy: MGM/UA Home Entertainment

Seems everyone including The Bishop's Wife played by Loretta Young (The Farmer’s Daughter, Letters to Loretta) appreciates Dudley, but the Bishop himself.  That's the topline - you’ll have to watch to see how it all plays out.

I will tell you the sermon about ‘the empty stocking’ is worth the price of admission.  Its message is timeless and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Rent it, buy it or tune in when it’s on – a moving and merry Christmas picture indeed! sb

The Preacher's Wife

"The Preacher's Wife" starring Whitney Houston & Denzel Washington, Courtesy: Buena Vista Pictures

I feel it only fair to mention, since my #10 pic was a remake of a classic – that the remake of my #9 classic pic is not one I’d go out of my way to recommend.  I love Christmas movies – so I’d watch it if it was on…but “The Preacher’s Wife” 1996 starring Whitney Houston and Denzel Washington as Dudley couldn’t touch the original.  Good but not “The Bishop’s Wife” good...and by good I mean GREAT!


BTW - I love tinsel on a tree...I recognize it's frowned upon in tree decorating circles, but I refuse to go a season without that this ladened tree....brings me right back.

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