My Top 10 Favourite Christmas Movies of All Time – REDUX*….#7a & &b

*sb note: For title rationale check out the first blog in the series & #10

My number 7 choice is actually a tie – so let’s call it 7a & 7b…and that’s more than likely breaking some sort of countdown rule, but who’s gonna stop me…the countdown police…I’ve already shared my mantra with you when it comes to these kinds of things “More is More” so here we go…

home alone7a – Home Alone (1990)

home alone 2 - lost in NY7b – Home Alone 2 – Lost in New York (1992)

No doubt you’ve seen one or both of these movies in your day.  The original story of Kevin McAllister (Macaulay Culkin) being left Home Alone as his family departs for Christmas in France – only to come face to face with two knucklehead burglars played by Joe Pesci & Daniel Stern.  The sequel Home Alone 2 is not too different in that Kevin is once again left behind or to be more accurate - separated from his clan – this time at the airport when his family heads to Florida and he’s New York Bound.  He once again meets up with the bad guys – who plan to rob a toy store and are foiled once again by Kevin. Okay so that’s the WHAT of it...the plot summaries so to speak.

Now onto the WHY these movies are on my list, but before that…let first me deal with the issue of why they almost didn’t make it onto my list….in a nutshell I’m not a big fan of slapstick comedy and to put it mildly it plays a big role in these movies.  In Home Alone  and more so in the sequel - the scenes where the bad guys are gettin’ it from Kevin’s traps etc….I can honestly say those scenes didn’t then nor do they now elicit laughter from me…for the most part my squeamish self thinks – "while I’m all about the bad guys getting it….how can this little fella dream up stuff like this"…eek

BUT I’m willing to overlook those scenes for ‘the greater good’…which is as follows…

  1. home alone 2 Fricker & CulkinThe message…family is good and we must fight to protect, hold onto and cherish those who are closest.  In Home Alone – the neighbour played by veteran actor Roberts Blossom who serves as the plot parallel for Kevin in this discovery…a nice aspect indeed.  In Home Alone 2 it’s the Bird Lady played by Brenda Fricker (My Left Foot) who helps Kevin see family is paramount.
  2. Catherine O’Hara – I love this lady, so funny and now as a Mom – I relateHome-Alone - Catherine O'Hara to her character that much more…I can barely keep track of 1 child – so packing, grouping and travelling with 5 plus would be crazy times indeed.  She is wonderful in both 1 & 2.
  3.  John Hughes & Chris Columbus – this writer & director combo is magic – ‘nough said
  4. Last but not least Nostalgia – movies are like scents for me…they are like markers in time that bring to mind moments – these two movies are like Christmas traditions…I remember going to see the first and second movies with my cousins in Massachusetts and so watching them makes me remember those good times and feel…well…Christmassy and I like that.

 Honourable mentions worth mentioning…

In Home Alone 1John Candy is great as always...very funny as the Polka Band Leader who lends a ride.

In Home Alone 2

  • The part when they dissolve from the Grinch smiling to Tim Curry at the front desk – superb!
  • The turtledove ornaments…yes – I bought them when they came out…LOVED them!!!Home Alone 2 - turtle doves

Okay so this was a long one…but really it was about two…sorry about that...but if you’re still reading – thanks and Merry Christmas!!! The countdown rolls


  1. Where did you buy the turtledoves?

    Comment by J. D. — November 9, 2011 @ 8:58 am

  2. Hey JD - it was right after the movie came out and I'm almost positive it was a card store... but I did a quick search and come up with this link...hope it helps (please note we are in no way afiliated with that store)

    Comment by sbeaumont — November 9, 2011 @ 12:27 pm

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