My Top 10 Favourite Christmas Movies of All Time – REDUX*….#6

My Top 10 Favourite Christmas Movies of All Time – REDUX*…. #6

*sb note: For title rationale check out the first in the series  & #10

The Family Stone#6 - The Family Stone (2005)

It was bound to happen…between the first list oh so many years ago and now…a new movie would bump an old one out of the top 10 and so it has – that movie The Family Stone!

First of all the cast including Diane Keaton, Dermot Mulroney, Craig T. Nelson, Luke Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Claire Danes and Sarah Jessica Parker - I mean come on!!!  And the script is the perfect combination of laughter and tears – it’s soooo my kind of movie. 

 The picture takes place over the course of three days at Christmas, when son Everett Stone (Mulroney) brings his uptight girlfriend Meredith (Parker) home for the holidays. Keaton plays the mother Sybil Stone and let’s just say she’s far from impressed with her son’s companion – no one in the liberal New England family likes her really – except for brother Ben, played so amazingly by Wilson.  The dream he relays to Meredith is worth the price of admission alone, but there are so many incredible moments in this movie – the actors deliver top notch performances and blend into that wonderful tapestry of a family so effortlessly. With all of their faults and flaws there is lots and lots of love, and you’re left wishing you were part of this big Family Stone.  I was anyway.  And that house…wow…that’s my kind of house.

The DVD includes wonderful commentaries - one by writer director Tom Bezucha and his team, and another by SJP & Mulroney…amazing insights and fun behind the scenes stuff that make the already great movie even more marvellous.

the family stone

Click on the picture to see the trailer for "The Family Stone" Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox

I can’t say enough about this one (mainly 'cause I don't want to give away too much) – just rent it, buy it, watch it – and enjoy The Family Stone!!! …and wait for one of my favourite lines “you just scoop me up”…it beats “you had me at hello” by a mile and then some. sb


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