Jeff Hutcheson – INsights IN 10

Jeff Hutcheson PEI/CFA plays Sea and be Scene's INsights IN 10.  The goal, as always, in these rapid fire 10 questions is to give you all you need to know about the person playing...sort of. 

You should check out our chat about Island living with Jeff when we caught up to him during a recent trip to Cape Breton – Jeff Hutcheson on PEI

For more information on the very wonderful Jeff Hutcheson check out his Canada AM profile

 SABS note of wardrobe malfunction…

Jeff Hutcheson - INsightsPerhaps malfunction is the wrong word…the bottom line is the top is all wrong…not until after viewing the tape did I realize between the dim light and the wallpaper – It’s like I’ve camouflaged myself for the interview….please don’t comment about that….I’m WELL aware…however if it suddenly becomes all the rage with Nancy O’Dell, Barbara Walters, and others…remember I started the ‘whole blend with your surroundings' trend right here on Sea and be

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