The Heartbroken, The Housewives & Home

Damhnait Doyle PBThe Heartbroken, The Housewives & Home – catchy title right?!  I love alliteration and Damhnait – plus we did talk about all of those things and more...let me explain.

Home for sure - since we caught up to Damhnait Doyle NL right after her sound check in St. John’s. Just in for the We Stand On Guard Igor Relief Benefit Concert. The Labrador City born artist was happy to be back - to lend support for the cause and spend time with her family in Avondale.

Also in the sound check - great friend and former band mate Kim Stockwood. The two would perform together that night as they have so many times before. Once upon a time as two thirds of the band Shaye (with Tara MacLean PEI ) – then just as duo and now as two incredible artists sharing the stage, a great love of music and a tremendous affinity for their home Province.

The Heartbroken

The Heartbroken - Stuart Cameron, Peter Fusco, Damhnait Doyle & Blake Manning

In addition to her solo work – Damhnait has once again expanded the ‘playing’ field – teaming up with 3 super talented fellas - Peter Fusco, Blake Manning and Stuart Cameron (son of the late great John Allen Cameron) – to form The Heartbroken.

As for the “Housewives” –’ll have to watch the interview for that one.

It was more than cool to catch up with the ever awesome, ever evolving, ever lovely Ms. Doyle – and we simply can’t wait ‘til the next time. SABS

For a little more with Dav – check out her INsights IN 10

Also visit: and for details her new band hit

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CMT Canada and Corus Entertainment for "Shaye" and for "Dakota Sessions with The Heartbroken"

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  1. Great interview, I love her voice!!

    Comment by Jo-lene — November 29, 2010 @ 12:08 pm

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