Chat & Cheers with Mark O’Brien

What can I say – he makes me laugh.  Whether on-screen as the well meaning misfit Des Courtney in the hit show Republic of Doyle or just sitting down for a pint at St. John’s cool spot The Cove inside O’Reilly’s – Mark O’Brien NL is a riot.

Star of stage and screen (big & little) O’Brien has been honing his craft for years – but on the day we met (his day off) his arena would be much different. As soon as we were finished he was hitting the ice with the R.O.D. team and destined for victory of the finest kind.  (Truth be told I’m not sure if they won the game that day – but Mark sure was his skills...but in Allan Hawco’s? Well – they’ve got that amongst them.  The SABS crew has reviewed the tape a number of times and it appears there was some “dissing done by Des”...but, better you be the judge)

All I know for sure is that it was more than a pleasure to chat with Mr. O’Brien – about his hometown of Paradise, his misunderstood character ...even his love of toast.  Can’t wait for the next time we talk and the new season to start! Thanks Mark O’Brien!!! SABS

O'Brien & Hawco
SABS Clap for the Clip

Our thanks and courtesy to Republic of Doyle and the CBC for the clip taken from Episode 108 – "The Tell-Tale Safe".  To watch this or any of the great shows from season 1 visit

SABS Hand for the Hook-up

Shout out with great thanks to Jonathan Schwartz at prpr communications and to Amy Joy at CBC Newfoundland – for getting us the guy.   

SABS Salute for the Suds

Cheers  to the gang at O’Reilly’s Pub for sharing their space and pouring the pints.  When you’re in St. John’s be sure to drop in for some fine hospitality

Find yourself wanting more Mark? Check this out INsights IN 10 with Mark O'Brien

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