“A Lot of Stuff…” with Krystin Pellerin

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Originally Posted - November 2010

Krystin Pellerin is quite simply lovely...and we were so pleased when she took time during her day off to meet us in St.John’s.  Like her character Constable Leslie Bennett on Republic of DoylePellerin hails from Newfoundland & Labrador - Mount Pearl to be exact.  We talked about everything from how wonderful it is to have a hit show in your hometown to shopping for shoes.  Simply delightful!

Krystin Pellerin as Leslie BennettI won’t lie – I love her character – Leslie Bennett is strong and smart and composed and for the most part - matter of fact in all things except matters of the heart and... Mr. Jake Doyle.  Certainly she had his affections – proclaimed or otherwise - throughout season one and most ladies with a pulse would find that a truly enviable position given the fella in the title role – Mr. Allan Hawco.

Being a part of such a successful TV show is enviable too – and it’s clear Krystin is enjoying every minute of it. When the filming wraps on REPUBLIC OF DOYLE this December – Pellerin will shift from the small screen to the live stage and shift her world from St.John’s to Toronto.  As a member of Soulpepper Theatre Company her other half of the year will be packed with performance.

And while she’s busy doing that we’ll all be tuning in to see what happens next...oh I asked her if Leslie and Jake make a go of it...and the most she would offer in the way of scoop was “there's a lot of stuff that happens” – vague yes – but they had me at “Oh Yeah”.  SABS

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SABS – Fortified FYI with a lot of thanks on the side...

THIS JUST IN - Season 2 of Republic of Doyle will premiere on CBC Wednesday, January 12th at 9pm/9:30 pm NL

Our thanks and courtesy to Republic of Doyle and the CBC for the clip taken from Episode 110 – The Pen is Mightier than the Doyle.  To watch this or any of the great shows from season 1 visit www.cbc.ca/republicofdoyle

For the full scoop on Krystin’s theatre company check out www.soulpepper.ca

Shout out and thanks to the Gramercy Riffs – you are very cool and we can’t wait to meet you!

Our thanks to Blue on Water – for their space and hospitality – look forward to the next time – for more information visit www.blueonwater.com

Shout out with great thanks to Jonathan Schwartz at prpr communications and to Amy Joy at CBC Newfoundland – for getting us the girl

Thanks to YOU...for reading down this far!

Oh and thanks again to Krystin Pellerin...did we mention she’s lovely? 


  1. Great interview, great information presented here. A good chance to get to know Krystin. I enjoyed watching and hearing your perspective on things. Keep up the great work!

    Comment by Dave Woods — January 2, 2011 @ 2:29 pm

  2. Quite simply lovely...perfect summation, counsellor! The Beach Boys and David Lee Roth can have their California Girls. I'm a sucker for my Eastern Ladies! Leslie is strong, yes, but she's flawed, too. That sounds like a perfect match for Jake. I can't wait to witness the evolution of their rocky romance on RofD, because I'm a big fan of the trip rather than the desitnation. I'm not as interested in seeing them get together forever as I am in seeing their journey. Thanks for this, Stephanie! You bring out people so effortlessly.

    Comment by TV Gord — January 10, 2011 @ 1:58 pm

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