Tara in 10 (aka INsights IN 10)


Time for TARA IN 10 (aka Insights IN 10)

Tara Oram NL plays the inaugural edition of Sea and be Scene's INsights IN 10....we changed the name to Tara in 10 because SABS loves alliteration and let's be clear SABS loves Tara.  The goal of these rapid fire 10 questions is to give you all you need to know about the person playing...sort of.

It should be noted that this video was shot on location backstage at the Cavendish Beach Music Festival in PEI where clearly the wind was whipping around like the Wizard of Oz...Tara looks like she's at a Vogue cover shoot - me.....not so much...forgive the follicle frenzy and enjoy!

stand by me

Tara's favourite movie "Stand by Me" Courtesy: Columbia Pictures


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