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capebretonaireAuthor...the latest title in the long and ever growing list of accomplishments for mega award winning musician Natalie MacMaster NS

Cape Breton Aire (The Story of a Musical Life & Place) is a beautiful tribute to her homeland and her journey thus far.  Wonderfully fitting indeed - that she could celebrate its launch at home in Cape Breton at the Celtic Music Interpretive Centre, during the Celtic Colours International Festival.  And even more lovely that she could be surrounded by her greatest fans - her family.

The event was just as natural as the artist herself - complete with truly tasty homemade food, great conversation, a spontaneous jig or two and of course Natalie’s amazing playing.

How great it was to catch up with the woman who never seems to stop – between touring the world to perform, writing and promoting a book, raising a growing family...not to mention building a home...the girl’s got it all going on!  We’re so thrilled she made the time for us and while we’re on the subject – during the interview - Natalie shared with us her mantra of sorts when it comes to time management...

Natalie & family

Natalie with husband Donnell Leahy and their 3 children in Cape Breton (Photo by Eric Roth)

“No times a good time – so anytime works”... love that! Love her!

Natalie MacMaster we salute you!!! SABS

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For all things Natalie MacMaster, including how you can get a copy of her brand new book, visit:

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Updated: 07/13/11


Natalie's Mom Minnie MacMaster makes great oakcakes! This is the recipe I followed when preparing my treat for Breakfast Television in Halifax.  While Heidi and the BT team said they looked nothing like any oat cake they ever had...they did say they tasted great - click here for the recipe

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