HAVEN hits the Beach…then the road!

EmilyRose&Lucas Bryant

Season 1 of Haven wraps on Hubbards Beach with series stars Emily Rose & Lucas Bryant - photo by: Chris Reardon

Sea and be Scene was on location for the final shots of the final episode of season 1 – and let’s just say things got pretty hot!!!  Yes – Lucas Bryant is dreamy in person – but more to the point the temperatures were record high – when the cast and crew took to Hubbards Beach yesterday (Sept. 2/10).  Weather plays a big part in the Haven happenings – but 40 something with the humidity was not in the script.  Umbrellas for shade, powder for shine and a schedule to wrap by end of day September 3rd had the team workin’ thru whatever to complete was has become a real hit in its rookie year. 

Now – there's only so much I can show you - only so much  I can reveal about what I witnessed on the sandy shore yesterday – in a scene that included FBI Agent Audrey Parker (Emily Rose), local cop Nathan Wournos (Lucas Bryant) and the Haven Chief of Police Wournos (Nicolas Campbell).  BUT  I can tell you it was dramatic and riveting (and once they put those SFX in - look out!) and I can say – with all due sincerity - TUNE IN!!! (Season finale airs Oct 11th on Showcase)

"We sincerely thank the businesses and residents - from Halifax to Lunenburg and all points between including our home-base of Chester - for the warm welcome and the incredible support we were given during our work on the first season of Haven. It was a great experience."

Andrew Sheridan,

Locations Manager, Haven

All 13 premiere season episodes of Haven were filmed entirely in Nova Scotia shooting for Maine.  Still no word on season 2 – but if the growing fan base has anything to say – we’ll look forward to seeing them same time next year - can’t wait!!! SABS 

Catch Haven Friday nights at 10pm Eastern in the U.S. on SyFy www.syfy.com   and Showcase www.showcase.ca on July 12, 2010 at Monday nights at 10pm Eastern in Canada on Showcase

Full episodes are also available on-line

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