Kurt Stoodley – No Place Like Home in Newfoundland

Occupation: Host, CTV Morning Live Ottawa  

Place of Birth: Botwood, Newfoundland 

Currently Resides: Ottawa, Ontario   

Where’s your favourite place in NL to grab a coffee?

 Tim hortons of course!  Is there any other coffee shop in Newfoundland?

Where’s your favourite place in NL to grab a pint? 

As a young 21 year old and my first full time job in radio in  St. John’s, I used to frequent a spot called the Roxy…but for a pint and a “say”, I would often be found at the Sundance Saloon on George Street !

Where’s your favourite place to shop in NL? 

At the mall…the Avalon Mall!  Or, any of those lovely shops along the coast where you can find those great big wooly Newfoundland sweaters!

Where in Newfoundland would we stand to see your favourite view?

You would be standing on the wharf in Grand Bank Newfoundland, with your feet firmly planted on the same fishing stage where my Grandfather fixed his nets.

Name 3 things I’ve gotta do when i visit Newfoundland & Labrador

1.  You must get off the beaten path…find an outport fishing village and meet the good people of Newfoundland.

2.  Take a stroll down George street in St. John ’s and stop in for a pint…or two.

3.  Its nice to fly to Newfoundland, but if you have a chance to take the ferry from Nova Scotia, its an experience you’ll never forget.

What makes Newfoundland such a special place on earth for you?

For me, its simply a matter of heritage.  I am a proud Newfoundlander with deep Newfoundland roots…it’s the place I came from…it holds my strongest memories from my childhood…the smell of the salt air, the trips with my Grandfather on his dorey…walking through the door of my Grandparents house in Grand Bank.  Its home….

For more information on Kurt Stoodley visit www.atv.ca/ottawa

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  1. Welcome to the 50 + club Kurt!

    Comment by marc fortin — January 8, 2012 @ 11:57 am

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