Gander Guy’s Got Movies Galore

Gander, NL born Director, Brad Peyton is one busy guy these days. His first major motion picture Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore is in theatres now. And talk about your initiations...wrangling hundreds of creatures from canines to felines to Hollywood hotshots like Bette Midler, Christina Applegate, Neil Patrick Harris and Nick Nolte...and then there were the explosions and CGI elements to deal with – let’s just say there was a lot to direct in this tail tale of animal uprising.

And speaking of rising – Peyton’s profile is doing just that.  In the business they call it the star-meter and let’s just say if his next project – the currently untitled sequel to Journey to the Centre of the Earth does anywhere near the box-office of its predecessor – he’ll be golden.  Set for a September 2011 release Peyton’s currently in pre-production to direct that film.

The Doubtful Guest

"I own a first-edition, autographed copy of The Doubtful Guest. I’m a huge, huge fan" Brad Peyton

AND as if that wasn’t enough on the old directorial plate he’s been tapped to steer the live action big screen adaptation of The Doubtful Guest based on the book by Edward Gorey along with the Jim Henson Creature Shop (and a stellar CGI team) – slated to hit theatres November 2011. 

See what we mean - the man’s busy working... and living the dream! SABS

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