On a Blue Sky Day with Thom Swift

It was a Blue Sky Day in Halifax, Nova Scotia when I met up with Thom Swift – an appropriate backdrop indeed.  Yes – it’s the title of his latest CD, but it’s more than that... 

Blue Sky Day CD

"No matter how you look at Swift and this record, he comes up aces. He's a skilled tunesmith, a great lyricist and a fine guitar player. And that earthy baritone voice of his sounds like honey on the rocks." - The Guardian, PEI

I’ve been a fan for a long time – but this was the first time we ever sat down to talk about his life’s work, his growing family, his spectacularly musical friends and his childhood in New Brunswick... and just as the weather – the conversation came naturally...as do his music and lyrics.

He is humble, and laid back, and no kidding - cool.  You hear it in how he talks and writes and sings and plays.  No one will argue – he’s doing what he was born to do...he’s a natural. SABS  

For all things Thom Swift visit:  www.thomswift.com 

Thom also recommended you check out the following things when you’re next in the Atlantic Provinces: 

In New Brunswick...  

               Grab a meal at The Cabin Restaurant  (506) 459-0094  

               Grab a pint at Wilser's Room (506) 455-3647       

In Nova Scotia...grab a coffee at www.localjo.ca

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  1. Thom Swift is an amazing musician - especially loved his performance at a house concert at Boutiliers Point, Nova Scotia - very intimate. He sold "Blue Sky Day" mugs, too - they are from a small pottery in New Brunswick - lovely. The CD is a must-have! My favourite song is "Seafoam". If you don't know him yet, just check him out - you won't be disappointed!

    Comment by Judy — September 28, 2010 @ 12:12 pm

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