Maria Panopalis – INsights IN 10

posted July 6, 2010

Maria Panopalis NS plays Sea and be Scene's INsights IN 10.  The goal, as always, in these rapid fire 10 questions is to give you all you need to know about the person playing...sort of.  This video was shot on location outside the BT studios on Robie Street in Halifax, NS.

Now, Maria is co-host of Atlantic Canada's Breakfast Television on 'A' and so that you know where we stand - we think she's incredible.  Fantastic person, spectacularly great at her job and downright sweet - but we learned things about Ms. Panopalis that were...well...let's just say we learned things.  Ours is not to judge.  But so we're clear we think she's a wonderful dancer and we promise not to hold her 'non-coffee drinking ways' against her. 

Maria you are marvellous!!! SABS


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