Melinda Boland – At Home Here in Newfoundland & Labrador

Occupation: Letter Carrier, Boat Tour guide, photographer, musician and singer, and part time baker.*(see SABS note)

Place of Birth: Calvert, NL

Currently Resides: Burnt Cove NL

Where’s your favourite place in NL to grab a coffee? 

Coffee & Company

Where’s your favourite place in NL to grab a pint? 

Shamrock City

Where’s your favourite place to shop in NL? 

Believe it or not it's Walmart, but then I would say Downhomer Shop

Where in Newfoundland would we stand to see your favourite view?

My own back yard, it has a wonderful view of the ocean, and two Islands called Ship Island and Great Island. Great for seeing whales in the summer and Ice Bergs floating by in the spring!

Name 3 things we’ve gotta do when we visit Newfoundland & Labrador:

1. Gatherall's Boat Tours

2. Shamrock City

3.  Road trip to see the gannets at Cape St. Mary's then picnic on Point Lance beach!

What makes Newfoundland such a special place on earth for you?

 It is where I come from - clean air, beautiful scenery all year round and the people are great to get to know! It's just great to feel free here.

***SABS note: so first of all Mel B. rocks!  She was the shooter on our first trip to NL - not to mention my guide to all things and my comic relief.  She knew someone - everywhere we was is she.  I know I'll never forget our time on the ROD set and I know I'll never be able to thank Melinda enough for scrunching her long long long legs into the front seat floor section to get the shot...I also know she'll never let me forget it. ;o)


  1. I met Melinda on the whale watching tour in mid August..her and tbe boat captain were pretty funny with their little digs at each other. She also looks great in that pink t shirt and black pants. She also has a great voice, and I didn't know she was a guitar player???

    Comment by Brendan — September 28, 2010 @ 11:00 am

  2. Proud to have Melinda as my beautiful daughter.A girl with a personality like no other and a voice like an angel and a heart of gold.I love her very much.
    Carmel Boland.

    Comment by Carmel Boland — September 29, 2010 @ 12:54 am

  3. I met Melinda when she worked at Decor Framing at the Village Mall ,St. John's.
    She was an exceptional salesperson with a very bubbly ,friendly personality.She always greeted me with a smile.
    I was also one of the first people to purchase her CD.
    All the best in the future ,Melinda!!

    Comment by June Foley — February 23, 2011 @ 10:44 pm

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