“EveryBody’s Different on EveryBody Street” by Fitch & Fitzgerald

Sheree Fitch’s playful words lead you into this beautiful children’s book and invite you to celebrate our gifts, our weaknesses, our differences, and our sameness. Fitch displays her wit and mastery of words in quick, rollicking rhymes that are complemented by Emma Fitzgerald’s lively illustrations. READ all about it...


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  • “Eating Wild in Eastern Canada” by Jamie Simpson

    From fiddleheads to spruce tips, wild food can be adventurous and fun–with the right guide. In Eating Wild in Eastern Canada, award-winning author and conservationist Jamie Simpson shows readers what to look for in the wilds and how and when to collect it. Read all about it...

  • My Nova Scotia Cookbook

    “My Nova Scotia Cookbook” by Chanelle Jefferson

    My Nova Scotia Cookbook provides a delicious selection of Nova Scotia favourites for all cooks – beginner to experienced. This cookbook is a collection of recipes from Chanelle’s personal-favourite cook: Nana. Other recipes were provided by professional local chefs, family members, and other Nova Scotian’s who just, well… know how to cook. READ ALL ABOUT IT...

  • BE A CITY NATURE DETECTIVE by Peggy Kochanoff

    “Be a City Nature Detective” by Peggy Kochanoff

    From the author of Silver Birch-nominated Be a Nature Detective series comes a new adventure full of fascinating facts and original watercolours. From scuttling cockroaches to waves of starlings to burdock heads on your clothes, Kochanoff takes the reader through city streets to show them the amazing nature growing there. Features a glossary, identification page, and further reading.

  • “The Goodbye Girls” by Lisa Harrington

    The students at Lizzie’s high school are notoriously terrible at breakups. Forget awkward conversations—they’re dumping each other via text. Inspired by the terrible breakups around her, sixteen-year-old Lizzie, strapped for cash and itching to go on the school’s band trip to NYC, teams up with her best friend, Willa, to create a genius business: personalized gift baskets—breakup baskets—sent from dumper to dumpee...

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SABStv In the Workshop 2017 – SEAing Stars

Join SABStv host Stephanie Beaumont and The Sidekick as they Celebrate the SEAson - with everything from natural wooden wall decor, to seaside themed place settings, homemade gift baskets, starfish ornaments, quick and easy hosting ideas and MORE - you'll discover so many wonderful ways to add a little EAST Coast magic to your holidays this year. WATCH!!!

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