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A Monumental Milestone for BEN’S


Cheers to Ben’s® Bakery! Atlantic Canada's favourite is celebrating 110 years of creating fresh baked goods.

As with any great success story it has a beginning - the story for Ben’s® began more than two centuries ago, in 1790, when Alexander Moir arrived in Nova Scotia from his homeland of Scotland.  He opened a small bakery near Citadel Hill to supply bread to Prince Edward's troops.  From these humble beginnings, the Moir family bakery was handed down from generation to generation.  Almost a hundred years later, Alexander’s great grandson, William Moir began making chocolates and candies at the bakery.

Now William's son Ben (yes THE Ben) decided to leave the family bakery and start his own operation in 1907.  Back then Ben baked 100 loaves a day for his customers and offered a delivery service via horse drawn wagons to his customers throughout the community.

Ben’s® was a pioneer in the baking industry and would become one of the first Maritime bakeries to transport freshly baked goods by train to out of town customers in the province. By 1939 Ben’s® Bakery bread was the largest selling brand in Nova Scotia, with sales totaling more than $500,000 - that's a lotta bread!

To this day - with products that range from sliced bread and buns, to bagels and english muffins - Ben’s® continues to be guided by the same principles that their founder Ben Moir set forth – “In the future as in the past, the name of Ben’s shall be symbolic of service – of excellent quality- of constant and thoughtful endeavor.”

To mark their major milestone the bakery’s traditional favourites – Ben’s® Holsum Fresh White and Wheat bread 500 g – have received a size makeover - growing to 630 g packages (with four extra slices) for the same price. 

These anniversary loaves are available now and for a limited time only where Ben’s® bread is sold.  For more information, please visit

We salute you Ben’s® - HAPPY 110th. Congratulations on your continuing East Coast Success Story and keep on baking! SABS

We've shared a selection of Ben’s® Bakery's wonderful recipes below - have a look and cook something totally tasty today!

For more information on Ben’s® Bakery's click here


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