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Nothing takes the edge off a winter's chill like a hot cup of tea and freshly baked cookies.  Then again - much can be said about a glass of red and slice of chocolate cake!

Whatever your pleasure - we hope you'll treat yourself to something sweet this month!

From take along nibbles, to decadent dessert toppings - we've gathered some simply lovely recipes - all cooked up in East Coast Kitchens of course!

If you've got a sweet and simple recipe you'd like to share - we'd love to add it to our collection.

Please email to [email protected] and be sure to include a picture of your sweet treat along with a picture of your sweet self!

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  • Cake Decorating 101

    Cake Decorating 101

    We drop into Rocket Bakery & Fresh Food on Water Street in St.John's, NL to get a crash course in Cake decorating - Sweet!!!

  • Valentine’s Day Pretzels

    This recipe is simple to make and the perfect combination of sweet and salty..

  • Molton Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Sauce

    Molton Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Sauce

    This gorgeous concoction comes from Chef Mark Gabrieau of Gabrieau's Bistro in Antigonish. With beautiful desserts like this, no wonder Gabieau's was recommended by Where to Eat in Canada for the thirteenth straight year

  • Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies

    From the East Coast Kitchen of Sea and be Scene's Rosie Reeves comes this yummy dessert for cheesecake and chocolate fans...

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Feature video vignette
Kate’s Sweet Indulgence – Cake & Cookie Hearts

VALENTINE'S DAY MADE EASY!!! In this SABS cooking classic we learn from baker Kate Cocks how to decorate both a Chocolate Gananche Heart Cake and a Fabulous Floral Heart Cookie - yummy can do in your own kitchen!

Click here to listen and download SEA AND BE SCENE...And HEARD with special guest JANICE LANDRY