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Nothing takes the edge off a winter's chill like a hot cup of tea and freshly baked cookies.  Then again - much can be said about a glass of red and slice of chocolate cake!

Whatever your pleasure - we hope you'll treat yourself to something sweet this month!

From take along nibbles, to decadent dessert toppings - we've gathered some simply lovely recipes - all cooked up in East Coast Kitchens of course!

If you've got a sweet and simple recipe you'd like to share - we'd love to add it to our collection.

Please email to [email protected] and be sure to include a picture of your sweet treat along with a picture of your sweet self!

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  • Cake Decorating 101

    Cake Decorating 101

    We drop into Rocket Bakery & Fresh Food on Water Street in St.John's, NL to get a crash course in Cake decorating - Sweet!!!

  • White Chocolate Chip Cake

    Ann Joseph of Annie's Place Cafe and Catering has a treat that is made to impress. This chocolate cake has white chocolate chips and a cream cheese swirl in the middle. Topped with a dreamy cream cheese icing, this dessert is definitely decadent and delicious.

  • Valentine’s Day Pretzels

    This recipe is simple to make and the perfect combination of sweet and salty..

  • SWEET HEREAFTER Rasberry Coulis

    From Halifax, Nova Scotia's truly cool cheesecake eatery comes this recipe for a scrumptious topping to delicious desserts and more.

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Feature video vignette
Kate’s Sweet Indulgence – Cake & Cookie Hearts

VALENTINE'S DAY MADE EASY!!! In this SABS cooking classic we learn from baker Kate Cocks how to decorate both a Chocolate Gananche Heart Cake and a Fabulous Floral Heart Cookie - yummy can do in your own kitchen!

Click here to listen and download SEA AND BE SCENE...And HEARD with special guest JOEL THOMAS HYNES and GER RYAN too