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Cheers to the Summer on Canada’s EAST Coast

We love celebrating Atlantic Canada - all its many wonderful aspects.... and that includes the spirited side!

Since launching the back in 2010 we've gathered some truly awesome recipes for adult beverages, as well as creating some crazy great signature cocktails of our own.

The list has grown so long in fact we felt it deserved a proper billing - so we present you with the 'Cocktail Collective' - Summer 2017 Edition.

In it your find a wide variety of drinks - from sweet to savoury, fruit infused to family friendly.  There really is something for everyone - and, as you'll no doubt notice scrolling through, we've even included our Holiday cocktails.  Truth be told we love them so much we're certain they can be enjoyed all year long.

So cheers to the East Coast purveyors and makers of wines, spirits, beers and ciders who have shared their recipes with us and...

Cheers to YOU for stopping by! SABS

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