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We Fall For Comfort Food Every Time

Just as all those gorgeous red and orange leaves dance and fall through the cool East Coast air - we're falling for all those delicious dishes that make us feel all warm and cozy inside.

Now, we all have our favourites - from savoury soups to hearty stews, creamy casseroles to the oh so pleasing pie, but no matter the flavour, no matter the course they all share a few common ingredients... a smidge of nostalgia, a dash of warm fuzzy feelings and if you're lucky - a whole heaping of love!

Whether you're looking for the perfect pot-luck dish, or a yummy supper after long chilly day, or even a classic cookie that when coupled with cocoa feels just like a hug - we'll get you cooking.

Please enjoy some of our most comforting recipes from East Coast Kitchens and PLEASE share yours!

You can send your recipes via email to [email protected] - we'd be so happy to get a picture of your comfort food along with a pic of sweet chef too (that's YOU!)


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