Cool People Profiles

  • “If I Had An Old House on the East Coast” by Wanda Baxter & Kat Frick Miller

    Province: Nova Scotia

    With introspection and deep appreciation for the East Coast, this inspirational gift book shares a dream, in words and images, of falling in love with an old house and breathing new life into it. Exploring, with lyrical prose, everything from an old house’s foundation to its layers of antique wallpaper to its decades-old gardens bursting with wildflowers, this lyrical and gently illustrated book is a love letter to a vanishing way of life.

  • “Secrets of Sable Island” by Marcia Pierce Harding

    Province: Nova Scotia

    A heartwarming and captivating adventure set on the infamous isolated sandbar that has captivated so many, and featuring original illustrations, Secrets of Sable Island will leave young readers spellbound.

  • “The Mystery of Ireland’s Eye” by Shane Peacock

    Province: Newfoundland and Labrador

    Dylan is twelve years old and embarking on his first ocean kayaking trip with his parents. He has spent the last year convincing them that he is ready for the challenging—and very dangerous—adventure. In fact, he has been determined to go ever since he heard about the destination: Ireland’s Eye. The small island off the coast of Newfoundland is the easternmost settlement in Canada. Or it was...

  • “FOGO: My Favourite Corner of the Earth” by Dawn Baker

    Province: Newfoundland and Labrador

    Keith is a young boy living on the picturesque island of Fogo, Newfoundland. Over one special summer, he gets to know an old family friend who is in Fogo as an artist-in-residence. This friendship teaches Keith to look at his home with new eyes.

  • “TED DROVER: Ships Artist” by Sheila Mackinnon Drover

    Province: Newfoundland and Labrador

    This book is the first-ever publication of works by artist Ted Drover, accompanied by text providing contextual background for the aspect of the history of Newfoundland and Labrador that each drawing represents. The drawings which have been included in this collection are authentic depictions of vessels which plied the waters around this island and beyond, connecting place to place, and people to each other and to the larger world. They represent a lifestyle which has all but disappeared.

  • catching the light by susan sinnott RELEASE

    “Catching the Light” by Susan Sinnott

    Province: Newfoundland and Labrador

    Dancing between points of view, Catching the Light explores the ordinary lives of two extraordinary people. With gorgeously lyrical language and a strong sense of place, this tender novel announces a bright new voice in Atlantic fiction. Winner of the 2014 Percy Janes First Novel Award for an unpublished manuscript.

  • “Eating Wild in Eastern Canada” by Jamie Simpson

    Province: Nova Scotia

    From fiddleheads to spruce tips, wild food can be adventurous and fun–with the right guide. In Eating Wild in Eastern Canada, award-winning author and conservationist Jamie Simpson shows readers what to look for in the wilds and how and when to collect it. Read all about it...

  • My Nova Scotia Cookbook

    “My Nova Scotia Cookbook” by Chanelle Jefferson

    Province: Nova Scotia

    My Nova Scotia Cookbook provides a delicious selection of Nova Scotia favourites for all cooks – beginner to experienced. This cookbook is a collection of recipes from Chanelle’s personal-favourite cook: Nana. Other recipes were provided by professional local chefs, family members, and other Nova Scotian’s who just, well… know how to cook. READ ALL ABOUT IT...

  • Celtic Colours & The Maple Project

    Province: Nova Scotia

    Oh how we love this!!! One of our favourite festivals has launched a lovely program to ensure their beautiful backdrop continues to grow long into the future. Celtic Colours makes more than 20,000 maple trees available for planting on Cape Breton Island this fall. Read how you can be a part of it all...

  • BE A CITY NATURE DETECTIVE by Peggy Kochanoff

    “Be a City Nature Detective” by Peggy Kochanoff

    Province: Nova Scotia

    From the author of Silver Birch-nominated Be a Nature Detective series comes a new adventure full of fascinating facts and original watercolours. From scuttling cockroaches to waves of starlings to burdock heads on your clothes, Kochanoff takes the reader through city streets to show them the amazing nature growing there. Features a glossary, identification page, and further reading.