• Happy 10th Celebrity Saluter for July 1st – The Sidekick

    Province: Nova Scotia

    SEA AND BE SCENE is celebrating 10 years On Line - and we've invited some amazing East Coast folks and Kindred Spirits to join in on the party. Click through to watch our Celebrity Salute for July 1st from The Sidekick and you could WIN her Top 10 Party Play List!!!

  • Happy 10th SEA AND BE SCENE Celebration

    Province: Nova Scotia

    We're throwing a Happy 10th Birthday Party and You're invited to WIN!!! Join some of our favourite East Coast Folks and Kindred Spirits for a CELEBRATION to mark our big milestone and then get set to score their 10 Song Party Playlist!!! See how it's done and then get in on the WINNING...

  • SABStv 218 StAndrews by the Sea Adventure PART 1

    #SABS10 St.Andrews by the Sea Part 1

    Province: New Brunswick

    This July 1st SEA AND BE SCENE will turn 10 so in the run up to our milestone Anniversary on line we're flashing back to some of our favourite shows. For this episode join host Stephanie Beaumont as SEA AND BE SCENE TV tours the Algonquin Resort & Golf Course. Plus David Myles, cake decorating, cocktail making & MORE!!!

  • SABS EAST COAST Cocktail Collective

    Province: New Brunswick

    We love celebrating Atlantic Canada - all its many wonderful aspects.... and that includes the spirited side! Since launching the site back in 2010 we've gathered some truly awesome recipes for adult beverages and created some crazy great signature cocktails of our own. Click through to view them all...

  • THE DUDS These Words I Can't Forget

    THE DUDS Release Debut EP

    Province: Newfoundland and Labrador

    Melanie O’Brien and Phil Goodridge are no strangers to the music biz - after nine years of performing together, they’re releasing their debut EP “THESE WORDS I CAN’T FORGET” under the moniker The Duds.

  • SEA AND BE SCENE TV episode guide

    Tune in to SEA AND BE SCENE TV

    Province: New Brunswick

    Waving the East Coast fun flag one episode at a time... It's SEA AND BE SCENE TV with your host Stephanie Beaumont. This post will provide a complete video catalogue of shows for seasons 1 to 5. Click through and enjoy the celebration!

  • NL born Actor Mark O'Brien in CITY ON A HILL

    A Very HAPPY New Year for MARK O’BRIEN

    Province: Newfoundland and Labrador

    There no question one of our favourite #NLfellas is on a roll. Project after project - critical acclaim, hit TV shows, directing his first feature not to mention co-starring in one of this year's most nominated movies - MARRIAGE STORY!!! We'll give you the full round up on 2019 as he leaps into this new decade set to do it all. LOOK...

  • Chocolate Ganache

    Kate’s Sweet Indulgence – Cake & Cookie Hearts

    Province: Nova Scotia

    VALENTINE'S DAY MADE EASY!!! In this SABS cooking classic we learn from baker Kate Cocks how to decorate both a Chocolate Gananche Heart Cake and a Fabulous Floral Heart Cookie - yummy can do in your own kitchen!

  • Canadian Folk Music Awards Heading to PEI

    Province: Prince Edward Island

    The nominees for its 15th edition of the Canadian Folk Music Awards have been announced and we've got the video announcement, and the complete list of this year’s 105 nominees along with the scoop on the celebrations set to hit the Gentle Isle April 3rd & 4th, 2020. Have a look...

  • Night Before Christmas

    SABS Classic… The Night Before Christmas

    Province: Newfoundland and Labrador

    Host Stephanie Beaumont along with a lot of COOL East Coast Folk tell the classic story. See how many famous folk join in the festive fun! MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (circa 2011)