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  • SABStv In The Workshop 2017 – Peppermint White Chocolate Stars

    Province: Nova Scotia

    This year Stephanie Beaumont and The Sidekick celebrating the SEAson big time! That means they're in the workshop creating up a storm - with this year's theme SEAing Stars. This segment features a Celebrating the SEAson SABS classic recipe with a new twist - our Candy Cane Bark took on a whole new life thanks to our new silicon star mold. WATCH...

  • Little Tree, Big Tradition, Bigger Treat

    Province: Nova Scotia

    A Christmas tradition for my little family that started out with one goal in mind...but the tree led to tradition and this year a really yummy dessert..look

  • Heavenly Squares - Leanne McDougall


    Province: Prince Edward Island

    A truly sweet and easy to make treat from the kitchen of Leanne McDougall - yum!

  • Church Window Christmas Icebox Cookies

    Province: Nova Scotia

    As The Sidekick says "they are like Christmas Cake only they're sugar cookies"... and she's right! It's the perfect combination of sugar cookie and citron fruit and cherries. My favourite part is making a batch of dough, popping it in the freezer and then slicing and baking just before you need them during the busy holiday SEAson...

  • The Sidekick’s Raspberry Starlight Punch

    Province: Nova Scotia

    Join Stephanie Beaumont & The Sidekick as they Celebrate the SEAson In the SABStv Workshop. In honour of 2017's theme of SEAing Stars - The Sidekick has created Raspberry Starlight Punch. WATCH & mix up a batch for yourself this holiday season!

  • SABStv Holiday Special 2014 Peppermint Bark Post



    If you watched SEA AND BE SCENE TV's 2014 Celebrating the SEAson Special then you'll know.... I LOVE CANDY CANES!!! No surprise then, that this easy to make recipe for Peppermint Bark has been a holiday favourite around our house for a long, long time!

  • LURE Caramel Co. profile

    Oh So Lovely LURE Caramel Co.

    Province: Nova Scotia

    Each chocolate and caramel is crafted by hand - from start to finish. The caramel is handmade and hand poured into the molds, the chocolate is tempered and then each piece is dipped. The boxes are stamped, packed and tied all by hand! That kind of attention to flavour and finish makes for the sweetest delight.

  • SABS EAST COAST Cocktail Collective

    Province: New Brunswick

    We love celebrating Atlantic Canada - all its many wonderful aspects.... and that includes the spirited side! Since launching the site back in 2010 we've gathered some truly awesome recipes for adult beverages and created some crazy great signature cocktails of our own. Click through to view them all...

  • The Sidekick’s Christmas Tree Punch

    Province: Nova Scotia

    Join SABStv host Stephanie Beaumont and The Sidekick who are in In The Workshop with a SEAsonal salute to Christmas Trees! In keeping with the festivities The Sidekick whips up a wonderful family friendly punch, perfect for all your holiday entertaining. Try it today...

  • Heather Chase’s Mince Pie Cookies

    Province: New Brunswick

    Born in New Brunswick, culinary artist Heather Chase now hangs her apron south of the border. She's found a way to keep 'home' in her New York kitchen though -  thanks to the recipes she enjoyed as a child and grew up cooking. Oh sure, some she's adapted over time, experimented with and made better […]