Food and Dining

  • The Annual Pie-A-Palooza ( & Busy Mama Bumbleberry Pie)

    Province: Nova Scotia

    It's fall and we've planned a family gathering at a lovely lakeside cottage where PIE is the primary focus. Can't beat it! Read the story and get my recipe for Busy Mama's Bumbleberry Pie....

  • The Perfect Pie Crust

    Province: Newfoundland and Labrador

    Striking that perfect mix of flaky and firm can be tricky, but once you get they hang of it, well, what is they say... it's as easy as pie! 😉

  • Butterscotch Pie

    Province: New Brunswick

    Try this smooth and velvety classic today. Topped with meringue or whipped cream it's always a crowd pleaser!

  • Grandma Judique’s BUTTERSCOTCH PIE

    Province: Nova Scotia

    DAWN BEATON, award winning musician and Assistant Artist Director for Celtic Colours International Festival, sends us this traditional family favourite that was always made with love by her Grandmother

  • Coconut Cream Dream Pie

    Province: Prince Edward Island

    Coconut Cream is one of the world's most popular flavours, and this recipe is tried and tested to live up to that standard. It is so light and delicious it is called Coconut Cream DREAM Pie because it is the stuff that dreams are made on!

  • Bumbleberry Crumble Pie

    Province: New Brunswick

    The great thing about this recipe is you can use up all those glorious berries from the summer. The choice is up to you- Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and rhubarb make a wonderful mix of flavour!

  • SNACK time with the Sidekick Fall Fun Sticks feature

    Snack Time With The Sidekick – Fall Fun Sticks

    Province: Nova Scotia

    Sea and be Scene presents a brand new Food & Dining feature - Snack Time with The Sidekick. In this first episode - fall fun sticks - a quick, easy and super fun kid-friendly snack. Perfect for parties or just enjoying on your own. WATCH...

  • Sea and be Scene’s PIE PATROL

    Province: Prince Edward Island

    We’re on a mission – finding the best PIE in the Atlantic Provinces! Check out what we've found so far and find out how YOU can HELP!

  • Sue Foreman Meat Pie Recipe

    Sue Foreman’s Meat Pie

    Province: Nova Scotia

    With the festive season upon us we're so happy to have this Foreman favourite! A recipe Sue has been making ever since she was first married... 45 years ago!

  • Lemon Parfait Pie

    Province: Nova Scotia

    This pie has it all. Perfect to serve in the summer time and a lovely reminder of warmer weather as the East Coast begins to cool down for the season. AND it's so delicious we're pretty sure you'll want to eat dessert first!