Happy 10th Celebrity Saluter for July 17th – Kurt Stoodley

Posted: July 17, 2020

Well this is simply THE BEST!!!

I think the world of the big fella. I used to watch him on TV - then I got to be his co-host and now I'm so grateful to call Kurt Stoodley my friend, AND big time supporter of all things SEA AND BE SCENE!

So happy to have this broadcast legend join the party and bring his super cool Party Playlist with him...

1. Drink you Away - Justin Timberlake

2. Hey Look Ma I Made it! - Panic at the Disco

3. New Man - Ed Sheeran

4. Still Feel Like You Man - John Mayer

5. Sunday Morning - No Doubt

6. Used to be Mine - Spin Doctors

7. Steve McQueen - Cheryl Crow

8. Rooting for you - Alessia Cara

9. Bad Guy - Billie Eilish/Justin Bieber

10. Orange Crush - REM

Email Kurt Stoodley's name with the date to [email protected] and you'll be eligible to WIN all 10 of those Tunes as our daily prize for July 17th, 2020.

Be sure to put #SABS10 in the subject line and please be advised that YOU MUST include YOUR name and contact information in order for your ballot to be eligible.

It's officially a party now that my dear friend and former co-host Kurt Stoodley has jumped into the fray. The award winning broadcaster is certainly a familiar face on Canada’s East Coast – a native of Newfoundland where he worked in radio and TV, but most remembered for the the 5 years during which Atlantic Canada woke up every morning with the man.

That’s when he served as co-host on ATV’s BREAKFAST TELEVISION (along with Liz Rigney & Scott Boyd!) - and where we first met.  I tell everyone who'll listen, it was during my first guest appearance on that show that I decided - "I want to do this one day!"  So you can imagine how awesome it was to make that goal a reality. AND to end up co-hosting with Kurt Stoodley himself - in our nation's capital?!!! That's proof positive - dreams come true.

It's been years since my first contract gig working with Mr.Stoodley - and a little over 13 since my last (yes I left to have The Sidekick) but lucky for me I had made a great friend in Kurt so we've stayed in touch all along.  He's been a great supporter of the website with features you'll find below - and the radio show too! You can listen to Kurt's SEA AND BE SCENE... And HEARD podcast chat here.  I even had the honour of being MC at his wedding to our NB born producer - the lovely and talented Erin Lannan a few years back.

It's truly awesome to have so many people congratulating us on the past 10 years of Celebrating Canada's East Coast and I couldn't be happier to have received a Celebrity Salute from this guy - thanks for this and everything Kurt! You're the very knees of the bee! xosb

For Kurt Stoodley Real Estate visit his site kurtstoodley.com

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