S2 of MARONI Begins Production in NL

Posted: February 24, 2020

Very cool news out of Newfoundland & Labrador as our pals at Take the Shot Productions join forces with FrenchKiss Pictures for Season 2 of MARONI.

You simply couldn't ask for a more spectacular backdrop!!!

What follows is the official press release on the production...

"Take the Shot Productions Inc. (TTS) and FrenchKiss Pictures begin production this week in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador for ARTE Worldwide Original Scripted Series MARONI, starring Stephane Caillard (War of the Worlds, Marseille), Adama Niane (Furie, Prise au piège), Shaun Beaver-Hawman (True Fiction, The Secret History Of), and Sarah D. Pledge (The Curtain, Land and Charlie).

The second season will span six (6) episodes that will be filmed in rugged Newfoundland and Labrador’s St. John’s and Tors Cove, and in France’s Saint Pierre and Miquelon, reflecting the geography of both countries. 

MARONI is an incredible opportunity to showcase the natural beauty and talented cast and crew in Newfoundland and Labrador,” says Rob Blackie of TTS. 

“Newfoundland is a wonderful territory to shoot fiction,” adds Noor Sadar, a FrenchKiss producer. “We found there, wonderful landscapes and a great partner with TTS and their team.”

FrenchKiss’ producers, Noor Sadar and Aurélie Meimon will collaborate with, Line Producer, Olivier Schmitt and, TTS Co-producers, Rob & Peter Blackie and John Vatcher.  

Olivier Abbou will be the director for MARONI Season two. 

MARONI’s second season is a murder mystery that leads to a dark investigation in one of France’s least understood territories. Chloé Bresson’s teammate, Joseph Dialo, has disappeared in the middle of the Guyanese jungle, but Chloé must urgently fly back to Saint Pierre and Miquelon because her mother committed suicide. With a heavy heart, Chloé returns to the island of her childhood, an icy territory with a population of six thousand off the coast of Newfoundland that is nicknamed "Cold Corsica." 

One morning, a young local boy is found savagely murdered. Anxious to leave the island, Chloé takes every precaution not to get involved in the investigation. When Chloé’s younger brother named François, who suffers from a mental deficiency, is accused by the community, then this young policewoman must lead an investigation of her own to uncover the island's secrets.

About Take the Shot Productions (TTS)
TTS has developed and produced award-winning content that has garnered critical and commercial success, domestically and globally.

TTS is a film and television production company with offices in St. John’s, NL and Toronto, ON.

Past productions include award-winning shows REPUBLIC OF DOYLE on CBC and Discovery Canada/Netflix Original Scripted Series FRONTIER starring Game of Thrones and Aquaman’s Jason Momoa.

TTS produced CBC Original Series CAUGHT which premiered in early 2018, starring Allan Hawco, Paul Gross, and Tory Anderson.

Other projects have included the factual series MAJUMDER MANOR, feature documentaries BOY ON A BRIDGE featuring Great Big Sea front-man Alan Doyle, HBO Canada’s Shaun Majumder, EVERY WORD IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE.

About FrenchKiss Pictures

FrenchKiss Pictures is a Paris-based film and TV series production company within the MAKEVER group (a subsidiary of Mediawan). It was born from the association of two producers, Aurélie Meimon and Noor Sadar who are both willing to showcase the creativity of writers for the largest possible audience. They have shared their experience with one focusing on artistic direction and the other on executive production. Together they offer ambitious, bold, original, and financially viable projects that targets the international market.


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