The Sidekick’s Christmas Tree Punch

We love celebrating the SEAson here on Canada's East Coast and every year part of those celebrations include getting crafty - in the workshop and the kitchen too!

SEA AND BE SCENE TV logo for siteSo with this year's theme of Christmas Trees - SEA AND BE SCENE TV host Stephanie Beaumont gets a lesson from The Sidekick on how to make her truly festive Christmas Tree Punch!

As a bonus - the recipe is easily spiked with a rum or vodka for the adult beverage seekers on your holiday guest list. Enjoy responsibly.


1 - bottle of white cranberry Juice (1.77L size)

1 - 2 litre  bottle of ginger ale

1 - 2 litre bottle of lemon line flavoured pop (eg. 7Up, Sprite)

7 - 10 drops of green food colouring

1/2 to 1 cup of pomegranate seeds (if you love 'em more is more)

1 lemon thinly sliced into rounds


  1. In a large punch bowl pour 1L of white cranberry juice
  2. Add 1 litre of ginger ale
  3. Add 1 litre of lemon/lime pop
  4. Stir to combine
  5. Add 7 - 10 drops of food colouring to achieve desired green
  6. Toss in pomegranate seeds and lemon circles


The beauty of the punch bowl approach to beverages is the serve yourself/low maintenance appeal.

Of course you'll still need to keep it cold all party long so we recommend making a tray of ice cubes using the cranberry juice instead of water.  This will keep your punch cool without diluting the flavour.  And by all means pop a few pomegranate seeds in the tray for extra colour and festive feel.

While you're here click on the pics for some more family friendly beverage recipes

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