Mark O’Brien Stars in GOALIE

Posted: February 6, 2019

We are crazy excited about this film!!!

One look at the trailer and you know you're in for an emotional ride... sports, drama, romance - it's in there and then some along with the biggest bonus for us - the massive amount of talented East Coast folks involved with the film.

Director Adriana Maggs hails from Corner Brook NL as does her sister Jane Maggs (BELLEVUE) with whom she co-wrote the screenplay, and the star of GOALIE is indeed one of our favourite #NLfellas, none other than St.John's son Mark O'Brien, who plays hockey legend Terry Sawchuk. That's just for starters.  One look at the cast and you'll find plenty more Atlantic gems like Corner Brook's Jonny Harris (MURDOCH MYSTERIES), Kate Corbett (AN AUDIENCE OF CHAIRS) who's hometown is Holyrood NLCalvert NL native Joel Thomas Hynes (LITTLE DOG), Cape Breton's own Billy MacLellan (BELLEVUE), and it goes on and on and we love it.

Now for the record - we've always considered Georgina Reilly (MURDOCH MYSTERIES) to be a true #KindredSpirit, so the fact that she's playing Terry's wife Pat Sawchuk opposite her real life husband - well, this movie is a hands-down hat-trick!

GOALIE Synopsis
"The life of a professional hockey player was not always a glamorous one. For legendary goaltender Terry Sawchuk, each save means one more gash to his unmasked face and one more drink to numb the pain. Even with a wife and seven children at home, he is haunted by the void left from his childhood which he tried to fill with cheering crowds. Following Sawchuk from his youth in Winnipeg in the 1930s to Detroit, Boston, Toronto, Los Angeles, and New York between 1950 and1970, his 103 shutouts, and 400 stitches to his face, this is a man who lives, breathes, and dies a goalie"

We loved hearing that Adriana and Jane were always writing GOALIE with O'Brien in the role of Terry.  In fact it was Adriana who directed Mark in his very first feature film GROWN UP MOVIE STAR back in 2009 and now - with so many successful roles since then both on TV (REPUBLIC OF DOYLE, HALT AND CATCH FIRE, THE LAST TYCOON, and the forthcoming CITY ON A HILL) and the big screen (ARRIVAL, THE FRONT RUNNER, ANON, etc. etc.) we can't help but see the magic in this full circle moment of movie making.

Maggs shared her hopes for GOALIE: “I think audiences should expect a catharsis because this film is funny and dark and sad. It runs the gamut of emotions, the triumphs and the lows, all viewed through nostalgia and compassion. We are honouring the public’s love of Terry Sawchuk because we are not shying away from the more difficult side of somebody whose body was in such physical pain. The pressure and isolation and loneliness of a goalie manifested in a difficult life,but at the core of it all, it’s Terry Sawchuk and we loved him.”

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