Cameras Roll on Andrea Dorfman’s SPINSTER

Posted: June 5, 2018

Chelsea Peretti to star in Andrea Dorfman's SPINSTER_While cameras rolled through a dark and rainy day in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia the showbiz blogs, mags and social media streams were a glow with news of SPINSTER.

The comedy feature directed by Emmy winner Andrea Dorfman (HEARTBEAT) stars BROOKLYN NINE-NINE's own Chelsea Peretti as Gaby...

"a woman who after being unceremoniously dumped on her 39th birthday, faces her fear of becoming a pathetic, lonely spinster."

 Jennifer Deyell (LOVE THAT BOY) wrote this original screenplay, with Marc Tetreault (Shut Up & Colour Pictures), Jay Dahl (Black Dog Films), and Bill Niven (Idlewild Films) as the movie's producers.

You can keep up with this Nova Scotia based production on line...

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on Instagram @spinster_movie.



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