Jordan Poole on the Big Screen in BIRTHMARKED

Posted: March 30, 2018

Today's the day!!!

The day that BIRTHMARKED hits theatres across America.

BIRTHMARKED stars Oscar nominated actress Toni Colette (SIXTH SENSE) and Matthew Goode (THE IMITATION GAME/THE CROWN) as "two scientists who raise 3 children contrarily to their genetic tendencies to prove the ultimate power of nurture over nature."  Two of the children they adopt Maya (played primarily by Megan O'Kelly) and Maurice (played by Anton Gillis-Adelman), and the third child is their own name Luke who's played by Nova Scotia's own Jordan Poole.  Great cast, great premise, and judging by the trailer a truly funny and moving movie!

Now while this marks Jordan's big feature film debut, his face is a familiar one to fans of MR.D - having played Alex on the hit CBC series for all 7 seasons, but check out his IMDb page and you'll see he's already clocked 11 on screen roles including a short film called INGRID AND THE BLACK HOLE for which he took home the JOEY for Best Actor In a Short Film Age 12 Years.  And since we're on the topic - we should tell you Mr.Poole is nominated for another Young Entertainer Award this year for his work on MR.D - a role which has already garnered him 3 nominations and 2 more JOEYS.

Needless to say we were thrilled to connect with this stellar young talent in advance of today's big opening - to get the inside scoop on his part in BIRTHMARKED.

What follows is our Q & A (as they say) with Jordan Poole.

SABS: BIRTHMARKED sure has a cool premise – what about playing your character “Luke” did you like the most?

JORDAN: I’m a little like Luke in some ways.  I like science and seeing how things work and I also like being creative.  Luke likes to keep detailed notes on his art.  I was very happy that Luke needed to use a 1950s movie camera, which meant I learned how to load the film, change lenses, and shoot scenes.  I’m really proud to say the Director, Emanuel (Hoss-Desmarais), included some of those scenes in the movie.    

SABS: Judging from the trailer there are a ton of funny moments on screen - I'm guessing there were a lot of laughs off screen too. 

JORDAN: The first day of shooting was my birthday.  For supper, the cast and crew ate at the hotel, in the woods where we stayed, and sang happy birthday to me.  That was cool.  They didn’t have any birthday candles though, so they pushed a table candle toward me and said make a wish… I blew too hard and the wax splashed back toward me.  I think there is still wax in that shirt…  and carpet.  The hotel had a conveyor toaster machine.  I say had because Megan (Maya) put a bagel in the rungs up and down instead of flat.  It got stuck and started a fire.  Good times! In the movie trailer, you see a paddle break.  It was not supposed to break.  I just stared at the broken paddle and looked at Props thinking oh crap I’m in trouble, but Toni continued on with the scene and we kept going. When we cut, everyone laughed.  By the end of filming, Emanuel got me back for a few pranks by pushing me into the pool.

SABS: BIRTHMARKED begins in 1977 - that’s a long long long time before you were born – back when I was young to be exact 🙂 , so it got me to wondering... could you live without all the technology 2018 provides? 

JORDAN: My Luke was 12, around 1989, and thankfully there would still be video games and music.  I really like 70s and 80s rock music and have been playing songs by AC/DC, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, etc. on my electric guitar.  I’ve played a lot of characters from 1890s and up so maybe the 70s and 80s are my thing.  Luke was secluded though, so in his circumstances, I would have used that old movie camera and a guitar a lot… though, I would miss YouTube.

SABS: I’m certain there will be a lot of kids out there who wish they could do what you do – being on TV and in movies too. What advice would you give to anyone out there who’s hoping to follow in your footsteps?

JORDAN:  Audition the best you can and forget about it.  You can’t stress about why you might not get the role.  It’s not just acting ability it’s sometimes just the colour of your hair.  As a kid, you usually have to look like someone.  You have to be able to take direction and be professional.  I started at 3 years old, so I just had to be cute!  Maybe do some background extra work to watch how its done, and if your want to be an actor, do it!

If you're in America today (March 30, 2017) you can catch BIRTHMARKED in theatres.  As for us here in Canada - we'll have to wait until May when BIRTHMARKED will be released north of the border.  We'll certainly keep you posted once the actually release date has been set and you know we'll be keeping our eye on this incredible young actor!

Jordan Poole Cool People Profile featureKeep up the awesome work Jordan!!! SABS

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