“How Ya Gettin’ On? Snook Writes about Stuff”

About the Book

“HowYaGettin’On?” is how downtown St. John’s, Newfoundland, corner boy Snook says hello. He’s been hanging around, telling yarns, and having a laugh for over thirty years now, and this is his welcome for you to read all about some of that.

Known as a fast talker and funny laugher, Snook finally jotted down some of his musings on . . . stuff—all sorts of stuff. Some of it’s actually half-decent, as they say.

So have a sit (wherever you please, or need to), relax your literary standards, and see what goes on in one of the most suspect minds and imaginations in this province.

Culled from weekly columns written for the Newfoundland Herald, this collection is not half bad. Enjoy! And rrrright on!


About the Author

Fast-talkin’, fun-lovin’ Snook has entertained thousands on stage, radio, and TV for over twenty-five years. Once a regular on CBC’s Here and Now, Madly Off in All Directions, and the Halifax Comedy Festival, Snook also hosted his own CBC variety series, Wicked Night Out, and still appears on the NTV Evening Newshour and at dozens of live special events annually.

An extensive “gig list” includes some major ad campaigns, weekly columns in the Newfoundland Herald, and dozens of corporate functions every year. After two successful home videos, Snook’s Christmas CD was released in 2004. This home-run hit was followed by Snook’s Wicked DVD (2005), Snook’s Childhood CD (2006), Snook’s Christmas Concert DVD (2007), and Another Snook’s Christmas CD (2009).

Snook also performs with Jim Payne and Fergus O’Byrne in the musical comedy group WickedAltogether!

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