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For seven years now I’ve been celebrating all the people places and things that make the 4 Atlantic Provinces so very special – here on website at and on SEA AND BE SCENE TV too..

I’m ever so grateful to the folks at COVE FM in beautiful Hubbards, Nova Scotia for giving me the chance to expand our EAST COAST Celebration to the wonderful world of radio.

Now with each broadcast I want to bring you closer to some of the amazing personalities that make up this corner of the world – they might be native to Nova Scotia or New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island or Newfoundland & Labrador – or they may be kindred spirits who simply adore living and working in Atlantic Canada . The only requirement here is that you raise your fun flag and wave it in salute of Canada’s Awesome East Coast.

Our chats will be just that – very conversational, not entirely sensible and with any luck totally enjoyable.

What follows are the downloadable podcasts along with show notes for your references.

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Ep.23 Dawn Chafe & Alan Doyle - Broadcast Date Jan. 17/18

I always love chatting with today’s guests – both natives of Newfoundland & Labrador – both award winning in their field. Coming up later in the show – I’ll share a quick catch up with the pride of Petty Harbour – Mr.Alan Doyle who's always on the go.  In fact the man just kicked off another North American tour this week – and  between promoting his new book and performing he’s been producing a ton to boot. He's never too busy for a chat though. Check out the links below for everything from one on one interviews to a very hilarious round of INsights IN 10 – from backstage to behind the scenes to the red carpet and the green carpet too! In fact that’s where we last crossed paths in Saskatoon just before the Canadian Country Music Awards. First we’ll connect to school mate of Mr.Doyle’s who I call Madame Editor – she is in fact the Executive Editor of Atlantic Business Magazine - the longest publishing regional business magazine in Atlantic Canada as well as the most award-winning and largest circulation business magazine in the region. As you might imagine it’s a massive endeavour and we’ll talk about her role with ABM and so much more - including her feelings on 'fake news' and her favourite to- dos when you’re in her home province, and her sage advice for upcoming journalists. Enjoy my conversation with the remarkable Dawn Chafe...

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and clarifications

For information on the Dawn's magazine visit

For information on Atlantic Business Magazine’s 2018 Top 50 CEO click here.

If you live in Canada – you can sign up for a FREE subscription here.

For Karl's travel site visit

For more info on the East Coast Trail click here.

For more on Dawn's restaurant picks just click on the names Mallard Cottage, Raymond's Restaurant, Chafe's Landing

For more info on St.John's Haunted Hike visit

Follow Dawn Chafe on Twitter @ABM_Editor

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For more on Alan Doyle his blog, tour dates, books and more visit

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Follow on Instagram @alanthomasdoyle

Ep.22 Jana Stackhouse & Kurt Stoodley - Broadcast Date Jan. 10/18

For today’s show we take to the phones for 2 great calls! First - a quick catch up call with award winning, New Brunswick born filmmaker Jana Stackhouse. I got word that her latest short AWAY HOME has been selected for a very cool film festival hosted by TIFF - Canada's Top Ten Film Festival. Jana’s been on the go with her work and busy these days so she promised to come back for the full hour another time – just enough time today to get the scoop on her movie and this weekend’s big festival.

Then another fun phone call with my dear friend and former co-host Kurt Stoodley. The award winning broadcaster is certainly a familiar face on Canada’s East Coast – a native of Newfoundland where he worked in radio and TV, but most remembered for the the 5 years during which Atlantic Canada woke up every morning with the man.  That's when he served as co-host on ATV’s BREAKFAST TELEVISION.  We’ll get the scoop on his 3 plus decade long career and so much more – from his love of live TV to his love of hockey – his advice to anyone hoping to follow in his footsteps to his tips for taking in the nation's capital - which is exactly where we reached him when we called.  Please enjoy my conversation with the one and only Kurt Stoodley.

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and clarifications

If you're in the Toronto area make plans to see AWAY HOME Saturday, January 13th at 2:30pm when it screens as part of TIFF's Canada's Top Ten Film Festival! Jana will be there to introduce her film and answer questions as well.  For tickets and additional information click here.

For more on AWAY HOME like their facebook page

For the scoop on Jana's web series with Rakhee Morzaria NOTE TO SELF for CBC click here.

Follow Jana Stackhouse on Twitter @janastackhouse on Instagram @janastackhouse on Facebook at Jana Stackhouse

For information on beautiful Botwood NL visit their website 

For information on picturesque Point Leamington, NL visit their website 

Watch Kurt and his father, legendary broadcaster Les Stoodley click here.

To watch Kurt hosting BT in Halifax (with his mustache) click here

As we mentioned in the episode - before we co-hosted Breakfast At the New RO and A-Channel Morning, (now CTV Morning Live Ottawa) Kurt woke up Atlantic Canada alongside Liz Rigney and Scott Boyd on Breakfast Television in Halifax .  And for the record - I actually performed as a musical guest on that very show - way, way, way back in the day! Watch that here video.

Watch the goodbye tribute to Kurt on CTV Morning Live Ottawa by clicking here

For Kurt Stoodley Real Estate visit his site


While you're here check our our previous features with Kurt - SABS 6th Salute, Cool People Profile, POSTcard – A Monster of a Moment 

AND be sure to check out Kurt & I making a Chocolate Trifle on the morning show back in the day! What a riot....and a great recipe. Click here to view

Follow Kurt Stoodley on Twitter @KurtStoodley On Facebook @kurtstoodley On Instagram @kurtstoodley 

Ep.21 Lisa Brokop & John Dunsworth - Broadcast Date Jan.3,2018

With the New Year upon us – I wanted to take care of a few things undone things before we head full on into 2018.

First up - I want to share my chat with Award Winning Country Recording Artist Lisa Brokop – it was recorded back in September - out in Saskatoon at the tail end of Canadian Country Music Week. The BC born singer/songwriter first burst onto the scene as a teen a back in the 90’s and she’s been busy ever since. While our paths did crossed a lot back in the day – it’s been a while to say the least so it sure was lovely to sit and catch up over coffee just prior to her return to Nashville.

As well - just this past October we lost a legend here on Canada’s EAST Coast – and although his talents were celebrated around the world we proudly claim Mr.John Dunsworth as an incredible Nova Scotian. Ask anyone and they’ll tell ya - the Award Winning actor was a life force – winning over audiences on the big and small screens and on stage as well – always on the go – always up for a chat so in the second half of the show – I’d like to share a very lovely conversation I had with Mr.Dunsworth back in 2013 – when his series HAVEN was shooting right here in Hubbards. By the time the ON SET SPECIAL aired and I included my interviews with the rest of the cast only about 4 minutes of that my time with John made it to the broadcast – so today as a tribute I’ll let you hear all the fun we had – so please stay tuned for that.

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and clarifications

Lisa Brokop including the upcoming tour dates for her "Legendary Ladies of Country" show visit and be sure to follow Lisa on Twitter @lisabrokop and on Instagram @lisabrokop

To watch the SEA AND BE SCENE TV's On Set Special with HAVEN click here

Watch John Dunsworth as Dave Teagues in the Final season of Haven which is still available to stream at

All 5 seasons of HAVEN are available purchase on itunes

Catch Mr.Dunsworth in his Sunnyvale best as Jim Lahey – you can stream all 11 seasons of The Trailer Park Boys Series and along with all the films specials on Netflix.

While you're here check out John Dunsworth's Favourite Four and catch our Red Carpet interview for the premiere of TPB3: DON'T LEGALIZE IT here.

Ep.20 Jonathan Torrens - Broadcast Date Dec.20,2017

What a treat it was catching up to today’s guest – he is hands down the best! Ask anyone and they’ll tell ya PEI born, Nova Scotia based award winning actor Jonathan Torrens is the finest kind of fella and these days he’s certainly one of the busiest. Having just added author to his ever growing list of accomplishments – he was in the midst of a cross country book tour with his CANADIANITY co-author and Taggart and Torrens Podcast co-host former Our lady Peace drummer Jeremy Taggart. Lucky for me Jonathan was off the road for the weekend and so we met at a not so quiet coffee shop in Truro, Nova Scotia. The hub of Nova Scotia, the home of his long time gig TRAILER PARK BOYS and not too far from his country home. Hard to cover it all of in an hour but we’ll chat about everything from his work on TV, to his best selling book, his lovely family to his growing legions of bahds – we’ll talk Christmas and about his plans for the future and so much more – here’s my conversation with the remarkable Jonathan Torrens.

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and clarifications

Thanks and sorry to Jeremy Taggart for allowing me to ruin the cool picture above with your co-host.  I was supposed to take a selfie when Jonathan and I met up but in all the excitement I forgot.  You can see what the picture really looks like by clicking here.

Thanks also to NovelTea Bookstore Cafe in Truro for letting us use your cool spot to chat.

For all things Taggart and Torrens visit their site here.  For the podcast click here and for the full line of merch click here

For the scoop on all things Alan Jackson (including his merch) click here

For the scoop on Jonathan's show STREET CENTS click here

For my interview with Jason Priestley click here and for the word on his show CALL ME FITZ click here

For the record the word "vertently" is not a word, advertently however is and means "unintentional: not attentive; heedless: of, relating to, or characterized by lack of attention." To put it in a sentence... Jeremy inadvertently used Jonathan's mother-in-laws credit card to book the JerBnBs.

To  listen to the Delilah radio show click here - to listen to John Tesh's radio show click here

You can watch some TnT playing hit the post with CBC Q host Tom Power here

For that Hollywood Reporter's Round Table with Amy Adams click here


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For the details on the taping of the Taggart and Torrens pilot click here

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To watch Jeremy Taggart perform with his band Our Lady Peace click here

"Funky Cold Medina", "Bust a Move"

For details on Alan Doyle's new book "A Newfoundlander in Canada" and his first book "Where I Belong" click here

Stephanie Beaumont stars in a Lump of ColdFor the scoop on Jonathan's business - Rolling Productions Rentals click here

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Be sure to follow Jonathan on Twitter @TorrensJonathan

For all things #TnT visit

Ep.19 Susan Kent - Broadcast Date Dec. 13, 2017

(Bonus guests: Shaun Majumder & Jonny Harris)

Today’s show comes complete with a cornucopia of comedy – 3 funny folks who not only hail from the province of Newfoundland & Labrador but who also star in the HATCHING, MATCHING AND DISPATCHING Holiday Special A CHRISTMAS FURY.

Just a few days before the December 3rd premier I popped by the Dartmouth home of Susan Kent to get the full scoop on this amazing reunion of the Fury family – from the top shelf team of talent to first call from the show’s creator Mary Walsh and all kinds of wonderful stuff in between – of course Susan plays Mary’s daughter Darlene in A CHRISTMAS FURY and we’ll have that conversation coming up later in the show.

We’ll also dive into our SEA AND BE SCENE TV archives for a special road trip edition of Insights IN 10 with Corner Brook Comedian Jonny Harris who stars as the always in some type of trouble Troy Fury, and we’ll flashback for our visit to the Halifax, Nova Scotia set of THIS HOUR HAS 22 MINUTES for an interview with Burlington Newfoundland native Shaun Majumder – Shawn just resumed his role as the dim- witted grave digger Cyril in A CHRISTMAS FURY - we talked to him about everything from his hilarious homeland to his mega award winning show so stay tuned for that.

But we'll kick off the show with that time we caught up to Ms. Susan Kent - on the 22 MINUTES set – the show had just received the truly prestigious Icon Award from the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television for 23 years of delivering that laughs week after week. We’ll discuss that honour and how she came to be a part of this stellar team.

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and clarifications

You can watch HATCHING, MATCHING AND DISPATCHING Holiday Special A CHRISTMAS FURY click here. Check our our feature on the production and the cast click here and then be sure to like the show on Facebook.

To watch SEA AND BE SCENE TV's On Set Special with THIS HOUR HAS 22 MINUTES click here.

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For the full scoop on Shaun Majumder's Burlington, NL festival visit

To watch SEA AND BE SCENE TV's On Set Special with Deanne Foley's RELATIVE HAPPINESS (where Susan said she raked the leaves on Remembrance Day) click here.

For details on HOPELESS ROMANTIC click here.

For more on LADY BIRD click here.

Ep.18 Bette MacDonald - Broadcast Date Dec. 6, 2017

Well it’s hard to find a more festive start to the month of December here on SEA AND BE SCENE...And HEARD than catching up with the award winning and wonderful Bette MacDonald. The oh so funny Cape Breton born lady is on the road with her hit holiday tour  – matter of fact we caught up to here after the opening night of this the eleventh season to talk about well...everything... from the creative process to life on the road, her work on Mr.D and her 'Tis the Season co-stars – speaking of which - in part 2 of this episode we’ll be joined by Jordan Musycsyn one of the newer members of the touring team and in part three Maynard Morrison, Bette’s co-star on and off the stage will jump into the conversation. It was wall to wall talent in Truro that day to be sure of it – so lets get started with the remarkable Bette MacDonald...

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and clarifications

For details on Bette's Tis The Season Tour click here

For more on Truro - the Hub of Nova Scotia click here

For info on the Marigold Centre click here

For the record pancakes call for Baking powder NOT Baking soda - please don't write me - I feel bad enough.

For more on Bette's brother Ed MacDonald click here

Get the full scoop on A CHRISTMAS FURY here

You can listen to our podcast with Billy MacLellan where he talks about his love of Cape Breton Island here (see notes on this page below)

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Mary Morrison's Cape Breton Christmas by Bette MacDonaldYou can read all about "MARY MORRISON'S CAPE BRETON CHRISTMAS" book here

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You can listen to Ella Fitzgerald sing Christmas songs here

For more on A Charlie Brown Christmas (soundtrack) by the Vince Guaraldi Trio click here

Tales of a Charlie Brown Christmas featuring Jerry Granelli, and an All New Jazz Spectacular Swing Into The Holidays this Sunday, December 10, 2017 - details in our Event Listings here

You can watch Willie Nelson sing "Pretty Paper" here

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If you haven't seen ELF what are you waiting for?!

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Watch that episode of Peter MacInnis "Cape Breton Chats" with Natalie MacMaster click here

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For more on PEAKY BLINDERS click here

For the record a Loyalist is a person who is loyal; a supporter of the sovereign or of the existing government, especially in time of revolt. A Royalist a supporter or adherent of a king or royal government, especially in times of rebellion or civil war.

See inside Lakewind Sound Studios by clicking here

For more on Stephen Muise click here

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Ep.17 - KOUMBIE Airdate Nov.29, 2017

I was so happy when the award winning and wonderful young filmmaker and actress Koumbie popped into the cove fm studios for a chat. The Nova Scotia born phenom has provided a ton stellar stuff to feature on SEA AND BE SCENE over the years.  From her work on screen the small screen in award winning productions like Mr. D and STUDIO BLACK!, to her recent big screen role in BLACK COP to her efforts behind the scenes with both WIFT (Women in film and television) and the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative (AFCOOP), to even writing and directing her own films - Koumbie is a force! And at the moment that force is focused on the theatre -  directing a new play about the Halifax Explosion called "Lullaby" and in rehearsals for a role in another called “At this Hour” which will open December 16th. We’ll talk about all of that and so much more including auditions, busy schedules, candy canes and car rides – here’s my conversation with Koumbie...

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and clarifications

Catch Koumbie in action with the AQUATEAM - watch episode 1 here

For #SABStv's visit to the MR.D set click here

To see Koumbie in action as Sheila on MR.D watch here

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You can see Koumbie featured in SABS 2016 ONES TO WATCH Special by clicking here and advancing to 11:01

To see a trailer for Greta Gerwig's LADY BIRD click here

For the full scoop on the Via Rail $150 trip sell out click here

Koumbie and I both love THIS IS US for the scoop on that show click here

If you too missed Lisa Rose Snow's Reykjavik love story - listen to it for yourself here advance to 35:30

To watch Allan Hawco's INsights IN 10 (filmed in the back of the GTO I might add) click here

To listen to Koumbie's catchy fave "Cassonova" by Allie X click here

To watch the trailer for SLIDING DOORS click here

For more on Koumbie's award winning film HUSTLE & HEART click here

For the scoop on AFCOOP click here

For more on PARENTHOOD click here

For more on the stage play "SLUT" click here

For show times and tickets for the play Koumbie is directing "LULLABY: Inside the Halifax Explosion" running now until December 10th click here

For showtimes and tickets for the play in which Koumbie will next act Zuppa Theatre's "AT THIS HOUR" opening Dec.16th click here

Be sure to follow Koumbie on Twitter @koumbie and to keep up with all the news on THE BYSTANDER EFFECT and other Afro Viking Pictures productions like on Facebook here

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ps - for more on Susan Kent's upcoming HATCHING, MATCHING, AND DISPATCHING holiday special A CHRISTMAS FURY click here

Ep.17 - JOHN GRACIE Airdate Nov.22, 2017

I sure had a great time catching up with Cape Breton’s own John Gracie – who’s just released a new CD entitled HOLLOW STREET – the project a blend of originals and covers is a poignant one and we’ll talk about that and so much more – including growing up in Glace Bay, his time on TV, his take on horoscopes and his stance on dancing. Here’s my conversation with award winning entertainer John Gracie...

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and clarifications

For more information on John’s new album HOLLOW STREET and release party click here

Discover the Atlantica Oak Island (Oak Island Resort) by clicking here

For Andree Gracie’s Cool People Profile click here

For more on Mount Allison University in New Brunswick click here

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For more on DOG DAY AFTERNOON click here

For more on LIFE OF BRIAN click here

We included John’s daughter Samantha Gracie in our ONES TO WATCH in 2015 you can watch that episode of SABStv here

To watch the music video I filmed in Tofino “Already In Way Over My Heart” click here

You can catch John Gracie live...

CD Launch for Hollow Street- November 29th (Wednesday evening) 7-9pm.  Compass Room, Casino NS Halifax

Dec 1- Christmas Concert in Charlottetown - Trinity United Church 7pm

Dec 12 - Private Christmas show in Bear River First Nation

Dec 15- Christmas Concert, Bella Rose Arts Centre, Halifax, 7pm

Dec 23rd- Wentworth Park Sydney presented by Glace Bay Y’s Men and Women Club

For more on John Gracie’s Christmas album Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas click here and Simply Christmas click here

While you're here be sure to WATCH our special interview with John - we chat while he cooks - REALLY! For John's Cool People Profile click here. For everything else visit

Ep.16 - LATONIA HARTERY Airdate Nov.15, 2017

Today’s guest came by way of lovely happen stance.  What was meant to be a behind the scenes – sites and sounds show from the Nova Scotia film set of HOPELESS ROMANTIC allowed for a great sit down chat with one of the movie’s producers and directors - Latonia Hartery. We’ll have that on set special for you in a few weeks time, but today’s show will provide us with some truly cool inside scoop on this exciting new romantic comedy, as well as some wonderful insights into this Newfoundland born filmmaker. Now, as for where we recorded today’s show – imagine a very large main floor common room in a residence at Halifax’s historic Dalhousie University – a busy spot with a ceiling as high its students expectations – so background hubbub aside... here’s my conversation with HOPELESS ROMANTIC's Latonia Hartery.

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and clarifications

You can find out about Latonia’s film SADIE by clicking here

For information on Latonia’s hometown Milltown, Bay D’Espoir, NL click here

For the scoop on HOPELESS ROMANTIC click here

For information on Emily Bridger click here

For a look at Wayne’s World check it out here

For the full scoop on all that Lynda Boyd's got on the go click here

To see SEA AND BE SCENE TV on set with Deanne Foley in Hubbards, Nova Scotia for RELATIVE HAPPINESS click here.

For information of Ruth Lawrence click here

“XX” is the more Latonia was talking about that includes four short horror films that are directed and written by women. Click here for details

We looked everywhere for audio/video about Latonia’s band KARUMBA and sadly could find nothing... our imagination runs wild.

For information on Halifax’s Dalhousie University visit 

For information on St.John’s Memorial University visit 

For Latonia’s Cool People’s Profile click here

Fore more on the movie THE SHAWSHANK REMPTON click here

St.John’s International Womens’ Film Festival click here

For the lastest post on Mark O’Brien click here

Oh and BTW - Mark and his wife Georgian Reilly welcomed their baby girl Penelope Florence O’Brien on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 and are currently over the moon!!! Click here to see the Proud Papa's announcement

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For details on Tarkovsky and his films click here

For details on Katheryn Bigelow click here

Fore more on the movie STRANGE DAYS click here

For more on NL actress Joanne Kelly  click here and for the scoop on her movie AWAY FROM EVERYWHERE click here

Find Latonia Hartery on-line on Twitter @HartLatonia on Facebook @LatoniaHartery  and on Instagram @latonia_hart

While you're here be sure to enter our GREAT TICKET GIVEAWAY - to see the advance screening of THE MAN WHO INVENTED CHRISTMAS in Halifax on November 20th.

Click here for details!

Ep.15 - JANICE LANDRY Airdate Nov.8, 2017

I so enjoyed meeting today’s guest way back when SEA AND BE SCENE had just launched and we were both booked to be a part of the broadcast team for the Christmas Daddies telethon in Cape Breton.  Of course Janice Landry was familiar face to CTV viewers long before then – as reporter and anchor who would go on to helm her own production company and author three books with a fourth set for release this month. Ask anyone who’s lucky enough to cross her path and they’ll tell you she is a force – excelling at all that she sets her mind to do and that as you’ll soon hear that's a tremendous amount. Here’s my conversation with the remarkable Janice Landry.

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and clarifications

For the scoop on Purcell’s Cove, Nova Scotia click here

If you don’t know "Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom" you must be a whippersnapper... at any rate – you can watch episodes here

For details on one of Janice’s favourite spots to stay The Quarterdeck click here

For the scoop on all of Janice’s books just click here

For information on the Temma Conter’s Memorial Trust visit

Find out more about the Port Bickerton Lighthouse by clicking here

Writing is better for retaining information... it’s true! Check this out

For information on Mount Saint Vincent University click here

If you don’t know about "American Bandstand" - well you’re just a wee thing... at any rate – you can check it out here

For event details on the launch of THE LEGACY LETTERS in Halifax on November 30th click here

The Crime stoppers tip number is 1-800-222-8477 and for online information visit

For info on “Where Evil Dwells” by Vernon Oikle click here

For more SABS posts featuring Janice Landry check out her 1st Book "From the Ground Up", her 2nd book “The Sixty Second Story”, and her 3rd "The Price We Pay"  her Cool People Profile, 2012 Mother's Day Salutes & Tributes, The Best Christmas Present I Ever Got and Behind the Scenes at Cape Breton Christmas Daddies.

Keep up with Janice on line website  on Twitter @JtheCanadian  and on InstaGram @jthecanadian

While you're here be sure to enter our GREAT TICKET GIVEAWAY - to see the advance screening of LADY BIRD in Halifax on November 15th.

Click here for details!


Ep.14 - NIKI JABBOUR Airdate Nov.1,2017

It's ALWAYS wonderful spending time with today’s guest – as our resident EAST COAST EXPERT when it comes to all things gardening – Nova Scotia’s Niki Jabbour has graciously shared her infinite wisdom with SEA AND BE SCENE over the years.  Her wealth of information and her passion for produce have made her a North American celebrity with a work schedule that won’t quit. Fortunately for us she’s carved out an hour of time to chat about all the amazing things she’s got on the go – including her prolific new garden, her award winning website, her forthcoming book and so much more. Here’s my conversation with the Year Round Vegetable Gardener herself – Niki Jabbour.

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and clarifications

Agriculture Campus of Dalhousie University in Truro, NS click here

For more info on okra click here

For info on Snake Gourds click here

We checked and at last count there are more than 3,000 varieties of heirloom or heritage tomatoes in active cultivation worldwide and more than 15,000 known varieties. THAT’S A LOT OF TOMATOES!!!

Halifax Seed Company Inc., Canada's oldest continuously operating family owned seed company, was established in 1866. For more click here

For info on the book “The Year Round Vegetable Gardener” click here

For info on the book “Groundbreaking Food Gardens” click here

For info on the book “Niki Jabbour’s Veggie Garden Remix” click here

For more info on growing zones in Canada click here

For information on the amazing wine region of Nova Scotia click here

Watch SEA AND BE SCENE TV at Nova Scotia’s Winter Wine Festival by clicking here

For information on High Bush Blueberries click here

For lots of fun with Neville McKay check out our segment from the SABStv Spring Special by clicking here

For more information on Seattle's Northwest Flower & Garden Show click here

Check out Niki's award winning blog at

For info on the Garden Writers Symposium click here

Fargo is indeed in North Dakota, Minnesota is a boarding state. For the record I’m the worst at geography.  I was thinking about the movie FARGO and how cold it was... remember

Be sure to follow Niki on instagram @nikijabbour  so you’ll never miss a manure pic again 🙂

As for all those Netflix suggestions – The Mindy Project, This Is Us, The Crown, The Good Place

To hear Joel Plaskett’s “Nowhere With You” click here

To hear Joels’ “Through and Through and Through” click here

For information on Joel’s tour with his father click here

For info on Niki’s radio show “The Weekend Gardener” click here

For that article “Six Reasons Not to Clean Up Your Garden This Fall” click here

While you're here check out these videos and story features on Niki Jabbour... SABS7th Birthday Salute, Great Food Gardening With Niki Jabbour, Seeding 101, Cool People Profile, Home For the Holidays, SABStv's Spring Special 2016, SABStv's Spring Special 2015, SABStv's Spring Special 2014

For more information on Niki Jabbour follow her... Twitter: @NikiJabbour Facebook: @NikiJabbour Instagram: @nikijabbour and visit

Ep.13 - MALLORY JOHNSON Airdate Oct.25,2017

Well back in early September I was in SASKATOON for Canadian Country Music Week to shoot a special at the CCMA Awards, catch up with old friends and meet new country artists. One of those fresh faces - from the province of Newfoundland and Labrador was Mallory Johnson. Who arrived at the annual gathering after winning the association’s nation wide competition - the 2017 CCMA Spotlight. We sat down to chat about that opportunity, her stellar Nashville ties, here deep country roots, her great love of the homeland and so much’s my conversation with NL recording artist Mallory Johnson.

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and clarifications

To find Mallory Johnson on-line check out her website, follow on Twitter @maljohnsonmusic and like on Facebook @malloryjohnsonmusic and Instagram @maljohnsonmusic

Nova Scotia's Hank Snow with "Fool Such As I"

Here's a look at Mallory's beautiful dress from the 2017 CCMA Legends Show (standing with Mallory Canadian Country Music Legend Ian Tyson)

For the full scoop on Mallory's winning the 2017 CCMA Spotlight Contest click here

For all things Sammy Kershaw visit

Find out more about Mallory's home town of CBS by visiting

For more on Nova Scotia native (Mallory's pal in Toronto) Andrea England check out her Cool People Profile here

For more on NL's Damhnait Doyle watch her interview with SABStv on our Songwriters Special by clicking here and going to 9:28.

Re: "Grit and Grace" a la  Meryl Streep's salute to Hillary Clinton watch here

Here's that moment when Mallory met Gordie Sampson in the lobby of our hotel in Saskatoon.

Watch the video for "Tupelo" here

Watch the video for "Good Mistake to Make" here

For information on Memorial University (MUN) in St.John's, NL click here

Watch Dolly Parton sing Mallory's favourite song "Coat of Many Colors" click here.

And starring in Mallory's future biopic Alexis Bledel and Chris Hemsworth

For information on the Spirit of Newfoundland Dinner & Show click here

The more on the folklore surrounding that scary stuff known as 'the hag' click here.

Ep.12 - DAN SWINIMER Airdate Oct.18,2017

It’s always a great time hanging out with today’s guest - I should know - I’ve been doing it for the past 4 plus decades or so.  You see not only is he an incredibly talented songwriter, producer, engineer, multi-instrumentalist and artist manager – I’m proud to say Dan Swinimer is my cousin. My father Jack and Dan’s dad Bill grew up in Gold River, Nova Scotia, so even though he’s based on the west coast now - his EAST Coast roots run deep. There’s no denying his impact on the Canadian Country Music Scene has gone nation wide – and his work and touring schedule is full-tilt busy. Fortunately for me, a radio tour for his artist JoJo Mason has brought him to Halifax allowing for a quick trip down the shore to see the family and pop by my kitchen for a coffee - creaky chairs and all. We’ll talk about his award winning roster, his hit songwriting and how the industry has changed over the years since he started in the biz, we’ll talk about destiny and moonshine and so much more... here’s my conversation with Manicdown Music founder, president and chief creative officer Dan Swinimer.

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and clarifications

To find Dan On-Line check out his website, on Facebook Dan Swinimer, on Twitter @Manicdown

Here's a picture of Dan sportin' that Leafs jersey (from left to right our Aunt Joan Nauss, Dan, Dan's older sister Jennifer and our Aunt Rae Sawler)

To watch Dan and his band Jet Black Stare perform "Ready to Roll" click here

For info on Brewery Bay in Orillia, Ontario click here

To see SABStv interview with Ron Kitchener you can watch our Dean Brody Special here (advance to 3:57)

For our extensive coverage of Nova Scotia based artist Dean Brody click here and follow all of the links

For information on Rogue Eleven Music Inc. click here

For info on Denny Carr and RGK entertainment click here

For more on Madeline Merlo visit her website here

Watch JoJo Mason sing click on the title "It's All Good",  "Good Kinda Love" and "Something to Wrap My Heart Around"

To watch Mellie Grant and her moonshine in a mason jar on SCANDAL click here.

To see JoJo Mason co-host the 2017 CCMA Awards Pre-Show click here.

Watch Sadie Swinimer perform "I Really Don't Get Beer" click here.

The axe throwing club in Halifax is called Timber Lounge - click here for details.

"Bad" by U2 was originally released on in 1984 on their CD "The Unforgettable Fire"

To watch the trailer for THE FAMILY MAN click here.

For my Top 10 List of all time favourite Christmas Movies - click here.

For more info on Alee visit her website at

While you're here check out SABStv's interview with Dan Swinimer and JoJo Mason during 2015 CCMA Week in Halifax click here and check out Dan's Cool People Profile here,

Ep.11 - LENNIE GALLANT Airdate Oct.11, 2017

It was totally enjoyable and then some when mega award-,winning singer/songwriter Lennie Gallant stopped by the studio. After packing in audiences for 4 smash seasons on PEI – Lennie’s taken his critically acclaimed multi-media musical production SEARCHING FOR ABEGWEIT on the road... beginning right here in Nova Scotia. We’ll talk about that show and so much more, including how he got his first guitar, the model and make of his first car, family, ghosts, inspiration and growing up on the Gentle Island.  Here’s my conversation with Lennie Gallant.

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and clarifications

For show dates and tickets to Lennie’s Searching for Abegweit Tour click here 

For details on the Searching for Abegweit cast click here

For info on The Atlantic String Machine click here 

For info on Ten Strings and a Goat Skin click here 

Here’s a picture from 2004 when Lennie Gallant was awarded his Order of Canada medal

For more on Karen Gallant’s artwork visit her site 

For more information on the Abegweit Ferry click here 

You can watch Tim Chaisson and his group The East Pointers perform "82 Fires" live here

To see an example of the 22 Minutes gang with a whole bunch of Gallants in a sketch click here

For information on Baie Sainte-Marie Nova Scotia click here

The beach book I mentioned is titled "A Day With You In Paradise" written by Lennie Gallant and Illustrated by Patsy MacKinnon for more info and purchase click here 

The book that Lennie gave me in studio is titled "Peter's Dream" with song lyrics by Lennie Gallant and paintings by Karen Gallant for more info and purchase click here

For more info on "Peter’s Dream" making CBC's TOP 10 East Coast Songs of All Time click here

See Lennie performing "Peter’s Dream" at the house party in Chester click here

Ferry Schedule from PEI to Nova Scotia click here 

To watch Lennie perform "Man of Steel" click here

For information on the Confederation Bridge click here

Ep. 10 - LISA ROSE SNOW Airdate Oct.4, 2017

What a treat it was to sit down with today’s guest – this Nova Scotia born actress, writer, director is always on the go - steadily sporting more and more hats in the entertainment industry - and oh how lovely it’s been watching her rise to each and every challenge. We’ll talk about her ever growing number of projects and job descriptions and the fantastic team of folks who have been with her along the way. We’ll also talk about life and love and serendipity and so much more... here’s my conversation with Lisa Rose Snow.

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and corrections

Lisa Rose Snow’s IMDb page click here
Click here for info on Neptune Theatre School
To watch my interview with Lisa Rose Snow at the Atlantic Film Festival circa 2013 click here (20:05)
Organic Water Productions
Joel Thomas Hynes
Sherry White
Thom Fitzgerald
Percy Hynes White – interview, CAST NO SHADOW, THE GIFTED
BE SURE TO FOLLOW Lisa on Instagram @lisarosesnow
For the scoop on that spot where Lisa met Neil click on Apotek Hotel
SYNCHONICITY is the name of the 1983 album release from The Police, and there are actually 2 songs titled Synchronicity on that album – I played Synchronicity II listen to it here.
For more on THE PROPOSAL with the dream Ryan Reynolds click here.

ps - Just to be clear (before you judge me unfairly) I have nothing against subtitled movies - it's just so rarely I actually sit and only watch a movie - usually my viewing happens at 3am on Netflix while I'm folding laundry etc. so I don't often have the screen focus required for subtitles... I do however look forward to such a luxury before too long.

Ep. 9 - JASON BARRY Airdate Sept.27,2017

Just a few weeks ago I was in Saskatoon for Canadian Country Music Week, to shoot a special at the CCMA Awards, and to catch up with old colleagues and new country artists. Lucky for me I had a chance to sit down for a chat with a great friend who just happens to be a mega award winning musician, producer, songwriter and studio owner.  He’s also a native of Newcastle, New Brunswick and one of the sweetest guys I know. Now, I should tell you quiet spots during CCMA week are few and far between – so you just might hear some hustle and bustle in the background and a hiccup or two in my portable studio system but you’re guaranteed to be amazed at what this guy's got on the go!  Here’s my conversation with Jason Barry....

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and corrections

For more information on Björn Borg click here

Here’s a picture of Jason with his favourite guitar and Justin Trudeau... and for the record Justin Trudeau is 45 years old.

For more on Whispering Bill Anderson click here

The Mayor of Miramichi, New Brunswick is Adam Lordon click here for more on him

OCL in Alberta actually stands for Owen Constuction Ltd., which is the name of owner Dan Owen's first company. For more info visit

For information on Jason’s studio visit

To see Jason on SABStv’s Maritimes in a Day Special click here (and advance to 6:50)

To see our feature on THE BRODEO in SABStv’s Dean Brody Special click here (fyi - Jason video bombed my intro)

For more on Nova Scotia Rapper Shevy Price click here

To watch Kenny Chesney’s “Don’t Blink” click here

Jason talked about Amanda & Tyler (Small Town Pistols) and producer David Kalmusky.  You can find out more about Small Town Pistols click here and on David Kalmusky watch this

To watch “Strawberry Blonde” by Ron Sexsmith click here

To watch "Mama Don’t Forget to Play for Me" by Diamond Rio click here

To watch Dean Brody’s “Bob Marley” click here

As inserted my choice for the actor to play Jason Barry in THE JASON BARRY STORY is the awesome Golden Globe Winning Actor Jeremy Piven for more on that fella click here

For the scoop on Jason’s phenomenal song “Yes I Can” for Special Hockey International (written and performed Jason Barry) click here

While you’re here check out previous videos and features with Jason Barry: #SABS7 Birthday Salute, SABStv Maritimes In A Day Pt2, SABStv Dean Brody Special, It'll Always Be The Music, CCMA Nominations Include Awesome Altantic Canadians, Barry Much Deserved and Jason's Cool People Profile

Find Jason Barry on line...
Website:  Twitter: @woodsterb  Facebook: @woodster.b

EP. 8 - MEAGHAN SMITH Airdate Sept.20,2017

You know how I always warn "our chats will be very conversational, not entirely sensible and with any luck totally enjoyable."

Well enjoyable may not go far enough for today’s guest. All I know is the hour sure flew by when Juno award winning singer/songwriter Meaghan Smith dropped by the station. The Ontario born, Nova Scotia based artist is in the midst of a wonderful new project – called OUR SONG. We talked about that and so much more like all the lovely twists and turns her career path has taken – we talked about juggling life and whether or not there are ghosts, we played "INsights IN 10" and of course we played some of her incredible music too. Here is my conversation with Meaghan Smith...

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and corrections

For more information on OUR SONG Project visit

To watch the video for "Can't Imagine" click here.

To watch the video of "The One" click here.

To watch the story behind "Good, Good Heart" click here.

"Good Golly Miss Molly" was released by Little Richard back in 1958 listen to it here.

To see the story behind "Can't Imagine" click here.

Randy Newman's "You've Got a Friend In Me" from TOY STORY was nominated for both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe but it was "Colors of the Wind" from POCAHONTAS that took home the awards for Best Original Song in both cases.  You can check out the video for that great song here

The version of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE that Meaghan loves with Colin Firth as Mr.Darcy was actually a 6 part mini-series back in 1995.  The lead actress in the role of Elizabeth Bennet was Jennifer Ehle - and it turns out she's not British at all just really great at the accent.  Ms.Ehle hails from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

For more information on Meaghan Smith and #OurSong, visit:, like Facebook: meaghansmith follow on Twitter: meaghansmith, Instagram: themeaghansmith and YouTube: meaghansmithmusic.


EP. 7 - WAYNE CARTER Airdate Sept.6,2017

Today we’re catching up with a very busy New Brunswick born, Nova Scotia based gentleman by the name of Wayne Carter at his bustling Halifax office - although very busy might be an understatement because in just a week's time thousands of filmmakers, industry folk and movie fans will meet up and hunker down for the 2017 Atlantic International Film Festival. As Executive Director of the 8 day festival Wayne’s time is in demand so we're grateful to get a smidge of the man's time.  I’ll let you know you’re bound to hear the ringing of phones, chiming of texts and all sorts of excitement on my part as we chat about FIN. That’s the new brand for the festival – which we’ll discuss along with all the movies, events and star sightings in store for this year’s bigger than ever event. Here’s my conversation with Atlantic International Film Festival’s Executive Director WAYNE CARTER...

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and corrections

For info on FIN 2017 visit

For more on Miramichi, New Brunswick click here


Movie Nights Across Canada click here



For info on the Berlinale film festival click here






To listen to the FINCAST podcast with Michael Melski click here


For info on Strategic Partners click here and for the Script Development program click here

To see Wayne in action as a Harbour Hopper Tour Guide at the FIN launch click here

For more on the Halifax's Lord Nelson Hotel click here

For Wayne's #SABS7 Birthday Salute click here


For more on Vanessa Redgrave in THE DEVILS

Marlon Brando



David Fincher



For the full scoop on FIN 2017's Red Carpet Gala Screening of Longtime Running click here

For details on 2017 Atlantic International Film Festival click here

Follow Wayne on twitter @NotWayneCarter

EP. 6 - THE ONCE Airdate Aug.30,2017

What a delight to welcome multi-award-winning and truly amazing trio THE ONCE. They’re always on the go it seems – across the country and around the world - entertaining audiences with their three part harmonies and one of kind sound - capturing the hearts of a growing legion of fans wherever they perform. Lucky for us the threesome comprised of Geraldine Hollett, Phillip Churchill and Andrew Dale are off the road to make some new magic in recording their next album here in Nova Scotia. Here’s my conversation with Newfoundland’s own - THE ONCE...

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and corrections.

For info on Dan Ledwell's Lake Echo studio visit

For more on Bruce Lee & his Wing Chun visit

For info on the Rising Tide Theatre in Trinity, NL click here

To hear The Voice Squad sing "Parting Glass" click here

For more on Geraldine's hometown of Burin, NL click here

For more on Phil's hometown of Corner Brook, NL click here

For more on Andrew's hometown of Coley's Point, NL click here

To watch Gordon Pinsent as The Codfather click here

For info on the Art and Culture Centres in Newfoundland & Labrador click here

To hear the song I think The ONCE should put on their next album click here

For more on Ireland's Sleeping Giant click here

For more on the Titanic's outline in Belfast click here

To watch Gordon Pinsent read from Justin Bieber's biography click here

And finally the official score of our "One, Twice, Three Times, A Lady" Trivia Game was as follows

Phil Churchill - 5 points (4 plus 1 bonus point for the Meryl Streep's movie title)

Andrew Dale - 4 points

Geraldine Hollett - 2 points

...fingers crossed we'll have a rematch!!!

While you're here be sure to check out our previous videos and features on The ONCE...WE WIN SOME WE LOSE, SABS6 Salute, ONES TO WATCH 2016SABStv CANADA DAY 2014, THE ONCE – 2013 Extended Interview,  GERALDINE HOLLETT #FFF Friday Favourite Four, Juno Nominees Head East, Your ECMA Group of the Year (video), Our 1st feature Part 1 – The Interview, Part 2 – “Coming Back to You” acapella, Part 3 – How Well Do You Know Your Homeland – NL Trivia, Artist Play lists for - Geraldine Hollett and Andrew Dale 

Follow The Once on Twitter @theonceband
For everything else visit

EP. 5 - BILLY MacLELLAN Airdate Aug. 23, 2017

Sooooo happy to finally meet this guy and say - "today my guest is award winning and wonderful, Nova Scotia born actor Billy MacLellan." With over 50 credits from the big and small screen, Billy is busy to say the least – from his series BELLEVUE for CBC to his feature film MAUDIE, his multiple guest starring roles, his upcoming movies and series work, etc. etc. - the man is always on the go.  And in his smidge of spare time he’s always travelling to places unknown - fortunately for us he took a break to come home – to see family, host a fundraiser and enjoy his favourite place on the planet. Here’s my conversation with Cape Breton son BILLY MacLELLAN.

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and corrections.

The Donald Marshall movie Billy refers to is JUSTICE DENIED (1989)

For information on CAUGHT click here

For information on MAUDIE click here

For more on Billy's friend and co-star Shawn Doyle click here

For more info on Jana Stackhouse click here

To watch full episodes of BELLEVUE click here

Hear The West Wing Weekly Podcast by clicking here

For more info on Billy's movie BETWEEN THE MOUNTAINS & THE SHORE click here and you can watch the trailer here

To hear John Allan Cameron perform "Four Marys" click here

For more info on cinematographer Guy Godfree click here

The actress who starred in WET BUM that I interviewed was Julia Sarah Stone - that interview was on the Nova Scotia set of WEIRDOS back in 2015 - you can click here for that.

For more on Maud Lewis' real home at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia click here

According to his page on Ethan Hawke's height is actually 5' 10¾"

Here are links to those songs that Billy loves...

"Old Ways" by Gordie Sampson click here

"Sing Me to Sleep" Steven MacDougal click here

"She Comes Down" Matt Andersen click here

"The 1st Time" Donavon Woods click here

"Time Served" Joey Lendreth click here

For information on Billy's "the best movie you've never seen" THE FALL click here

For more on information on AWAY HOME click here

For more information on ICE BLUE click here

To WATCH Billy & Shawn's #SABS7 Birthday Salute click here

While you're here check out our previous posts & video features on Billy MacLellan...On Duty in BELLEVUE, BILLY MacLELLAN The Expanse, Maudie & More, SABStv ONES TO WATCH 2015, Viola's Christmas Ginger Molasses Cookies and Billy's Cool People Profile by clicking here

Follow Billy on Twitter: @billymaclellan and on Instagram: @billy_maclellan

EP. 4 - MAKAYLA LYNN Airdate Aug. 16, 2017

What pleasure to welcome Nova Scotia born singer songwriter – Makayla Lynn to our studio. The award winning teenager is in the midst of another busy summer – touring with her new CD ON A DARE AND A PRAYER – a tour that brings her to the south shore this week – for a show with Lisa Brokop in LiverPool tomorrow night and then to White Point Lodge for solo shows on Friday and Saturday.  We first interviewed Miss Makayla back in 2013 she had just hit double digits, but She was poised, and well spoken, and - heeding the advice of her grandmother - she was "following her dreams" – she sure has been a joy to watch over the years – it’s wonderful to see her growing up and seeing those dreams come true – here’s my conversation with East Coast Country Music artist MAKAYLA LYNN

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and corrections.

The Bluebird Cafe Nashville, TN

WATCH Makayla's "Joyride" video here

For details on Makayla's live dates click here.

While you're here check out our previous features and videos with Makayla Lynn - #SABS7 Birthday Salute, My FAVOURITE Christmas Ever Was…, East Coast Artists Contenders 2016 CCMA SPOTLIGHT Performance, SABStv ONES TO WATCH 2015, SABS TV ECMA Special, The Best Christmas Present I Ever Got Was…, Pictures to Prove It: Makayla Lynn Meets Paul Brandt, HOME for the Holidays…Sharing East Coast Traditions & Memories, Makayla Lynn's Cool People Profile
For all things Makayla Lynn visit
Facebook: musicalmakayla Twitter: @musicalmakayla  
Instagram: @makaylynmusic

EPISODE 3 - RON JAMES Airdate Aug. 9, 2017

How amazing it was to have this fella find his way to the studio in Hubbards.  Nova Scotia born/ Toronto Based comedian Ron James has returned to the homeland for a a number of reasons - including a show at the Lunenburg Opera House on Saturday, August 19th. We’ll talk about that and... well... everything!  From how he got started, to his work in Television, to his love of Stand Up, from his many projects on the go, to his great love of Canada's Ocean Playground. Hang on to something – here’s my great conversation with the award winning wonderful - Ron James...

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and corrections.

For information on Ron's show at the Lunenburg Opera House on Saturday, August 19th click here.

For information on


you can visit the movie's

IMDb page by clicking here.

For the record...

I didn't see the movie

but I did watch the 1977

TV series and you can find

info on that here

For information on Second City and it's history

Check out Ron's Cool People Profile by clicking here

Watch #SABStv's interview with Ron James in Toronto by clicking here.

For the scoop on Ron's last tour see RON JAMES 2016 Pedal to the Metal Tour

For all things Ron James visit

Follow Ron on twitter: @TheRonJamesShow and like him on Facebook: @RonJamesComedy

EPISODE 2 - MELISSA LLOYD Airdate Aug. 2, 2017

I'm joined by Nova Scotia born artist and designer Melissa Lloyd, who just last fall a launched a brand new company called DOODLE LOVELY – with the goal encouraging people to stop, and explore their own creative spirit – her products are designed to be inspiring and supportive and ideally take people on a progressive wander to a place of more calm, clarity, creativity, and confidence. Calm.... I hear calm is great. Booking Melissa for the show – with the goal of getting some pointers on... finding a break brought back to mind a telephone interview I did with Canadian Icon, Spring Hill Nova Scotia’s own Anne Murray two summers ago. I was writing a feature for Atlantic Business Magazine at the time and while Ms.Murray had stepped away from public life back around 2009 – a mutual friend had arranged for us to chat. We'll flash back to a smidge of our call first - then our in-studio chat with artist, author and entrepreneur Melissa Lloyd.

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and corrections.

For information on the Anne Murray Centre in Spring Hill, NS visit

To watch my interview with Anne Murray in Spring Hill click here.

For more information on Melissa Lloyd and DOODLE Lovely, where to find products and to shop on line visit

You can like them on Facebook at DOODLELovely and follow them on Instagram @doodlelovely

EPISODE 1 -  CYRIL LUNNEY Airdate July 26, 2017

When it came time to choosing my first guest of the series I knew exactly who to get. For about a decade and a half now he’s be broadcasting every weekday into homes around Atlantic Canada – so hopefully he’ll be no stranger to you. He’s always good for a laugh and making folks feel welcome. I was so happy to welcome him to the CoveFM studios! Here’s my conversation with CTV morning personality Cyril Lunney

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and corrections.

Grand Pre 2017 August 10 - 13 visit their facebook page 

CHOP CHOP in Uptown Saint John, NB - click here for SABStv CHOP CHOP show and visit for everything else.

Cavendish Beach Music Festival, Cavendish Beach PEI - click here to WATCH SABStv Cavendish Beach Music Festival for everything else visit 

"God, Your Mama, and Me" was co-written by Cape Breton's Gordie Sampson, Hillary Lindsey & Josh Kear.

For information on Gordie Sampson's Songcamp click here.

For information on Hubbard's famous SHORE CLUB visit their website

The hotel formerly know as Skydome Hotel is now known as Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel at The Rogers Centre.

To watch Peter Luckett sing "IN THE AIR TONIGHT" - watch SABStv 5 Years of Fun Episode advance to 13:48

The current pop song about "I was holding your hair back etc. etc." is called "Say You Won't Let Go" by James Arthur.

The Canadian Idol contestant from Nova Scotia to which Cyril referred was Chad Doucette

Sadly we can find no photos or videos of Cyril on Media Idol.  We'll just have to leave that one up to your imagination.



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