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For seven years now I’ve been celebrating all the people places and things that make the 4 Atlantic Provinces so very special – here on website at and on SEA AND BE SCENE TV too..

I’m ever so grateful to the folks at COVE FM in beautiful Hubbards, Nova Scotia for giving me the chance to expand our EAST COAST Celebration to the wonderful world of radio.

Now with each broadcast I want to bring you closer to some of the amazing personalities that make up this corner of the world – they might be native to Nova Scotia or New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island or Newfoundland & Labrador – or they may be kindred spirits who simply adore living and working in Atlantic Canada . The only requirement here is that you raise your fun flag and wave it in salute of Canada’s Awesome East Coast.

Our chats will be just that – very conversational, not entirely sensible and with any luck totally enjoyable.

What follows are the downloadable podcasts along with show notes for your references

EP. 4 - MAKAYLA LYNN Airdate Aug. 16, 2017

What pleasure to welcome Nova Scotia born singer songwriter – Makayla Lynn to our studio. The award winning teenager is in the midst of another busy summer – touring with her new CD ON A DARE AND A PRAYER – a tour that brings her to the south shore this week – for a show with Lisa Brokop in LiverPool tomorrow night and then to White Point Lodge for solo shows on Friday and Saturday.  We first interviewed Miss Makayla back in 2013 she had just hit double digits, but She was poised, and well spoken, and - heeding the advice of her grandmother - she was "following her dreams" – she sure has been a joy to watch over the years – it’s wonderful to see her growing up and seeing those dreams come true – here’s my conversation with East Coast Country Music artist MAKAYLA LYNN

The Bluebird Cafe Nashville, TN

WATCH Makayla's "Joyride" video here

For details on Makayla's live dates click here.

While you're here check out our previous features and videos with Makayla Lynn - #SABS7 Birthday Salute, My FAVOURITE Christmas Ever Was…, East Coast Artists Contenders 2016 CCMA SPOTLIGHT Performance, SABStv ONES TO WATCH 2015, SABS TV ECMA Special, The Best Christmas Present I Ever Got Was…, Pictures to Prove It: Makayla Lynn Meets Paul Brandt, HOME for the Holidays…Sharing East Coast Traditions & Memories, Makayla Lynn's Cool People Profile
For all things Makayla Lynn visit
Facebook: musicalmakayla Twitter: @musicalmakayla  
Instagram: @makaylynmusic

EPISODE 3 - RON JAMES Airdate Aug. 9, 2017

How amazing it was to have this fella find his way to the studio in Hubbards.  Nova Scotia born/ Toronto Based comedian Ron James has returned to the homeland for a a number of reasons - including a show at the Lunenburg Opera House on Saturday, August 19th. We’ll talk about that and... well... everything!  From how he got started, to his work in Television, to his love of Stand Up, from his many projects on the go, to his great love of Canada's Ocean Playground. Hang on to something – here’s my great conversation with the award winning wonderful - Ron James...

For information on Ron's show at the Lunenburg Opera House on Saturday, August 19th click here.

For information on


you can visit the movie's

IMDb page by clicking here.

For the record...

I didn't see the movie

but I did watch the 1977

TV series and you can find

info on that here

For information on Second City and it's history

Check out Ron's Cool People Profile by clicking here

Watch #SABStv's interview with Ron James in Toronto by clicking here.

For the scoop on Ron's last tour see RON JAMES 2016 Pedal to the Metal Tour

For all things Ron James visit

Follow Ron on twitter: @TheRonJamesShow and like him on Facebook: @RonJamesComedy

EPISODE 2 - MELISSA LLOYD Airdate Aug. 2, 2017

I'm joined by Nova Scotia born artist and designer Melissa Lloyd, who just last fall a launched a brand new company called DOODLE LOVELY – with the goal encouraging people to stop, and explore their own creative spirit – her products are designed to be inspiring and supportive and ideally take people on a progressive wander to a place of more calm, clarity, creativity, and confidence. Calm.... I hear calm is great. Booking Melissa for the show – with the goal of getting some pointers on... finding a break brought back to mind a telephone interview I did with Canadian Icon, Spring Hill Nova Scotia’s own Anne Murray two summers ago. I was writing a feature for Atlantic Business Magazine at the time and while Ms.Murray had stepped away from public life back around 2009 – a mutual friend had arranged for us to chat. We'll flash back to a smidge of our call first - then our in-studio chat with artist, author and entrepreneur Melissa Lloyd.

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and corrections.

For information on the Anne Murray Centre in Spring Hill, NS visit

To watch my interview with Anne Murray in Spring Hill click here.

For more information on Melissa Lloyd and DOODLE Lovely, where to find products and to shop on line visit

You can like them on Facebook at DOODLELovely and follow them on Instagram @doodlelovely

EPISODE 1 -  CYRIL LUNNEY Airdate July 26, 2017

When it came time to choosing my first guest of the series I knew exactly who to get. For about a decade and a half now he’s be broadcasting every weekday into homes around Atlantic Canada – so hopefully he’ll be no stranger to you. He’s always good for a laugh and making folks feel welcome. I was so happy to welcome him to the CoveFM studios! Here’s my conversation with CTV morning personality Cyril Lunney

Show Notes - For the purposes of links, omissions and corrections.

Grand Pre 2017 August 10 - 13 visit their facebook page 

CHOP CHOP in Uptown Saint John, NB - click here for SABStv CHOP CHOP show and visit for everything else.

Cavendish Beach Music Festival, Cavendish Beach PEI - click here to WATCH SABStv Cavendish Beach Music Festival for everything else visit 

"God, Your Mama, and Me" was co-written by Cape Breton's Gordie Sampson, Hillary Lindsey & Josh Kear.

For information on Gordie Sampson's Songcamp click here.

For information on Hubbard's famous SHORE CLUB visit their website

The hotel formerly know as Skydome Hotel is now known as Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel at The Rogers Centre.

To watch Peter Luckett sing "IN THE AIR TONIGHT" - watch SABStv 5 Years of Fun Episode advance to 13:48

The current pop song about "I was holding your hair back etc. etc." is called "Say You Won't Let Go" by James Arthur.

The Canadian Idol contestant from Nova Scotia to which Cyril referred was Chad Doucette

Sadly we can find no photos or videos of Cyril on Media Idol.  We'll just have to leave that one up to your imagination.



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