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Wharf Rat Rally 2017 traffic plan reflects higher attendance

(Digby, August 4, 2017) – “It’s going to be a busy year.” Those are the words of John Bartlett, Vice-chairman of the Board of Directors of this year’s Wharf Rat Rally. He continues on to say, “Our revised traffic plan reflects that.”

The 2017 traffic plan has been released by the Wharf Rat Rally, Digby Search and Rescue and the Town of Digby. As in 2016, First Avenue will continue to be one-way but opened to all traffic while Queen Street will become one way during the weekend of the Rally. For many years, the main street in Digby has been one way northbound and, after 5:00 pm on Friday, open to only motorcycles. Since 2013, First Avenue in Digby has been one way southbound and last year Queen Street was made one way northbound, with great success.

“The difference,” explains Digby Search and Rescue president Larry Brooks, “is that we will have our volunteers on site later into the evening and RCMP will be directing vehicles through the traffic lights at the intersection of Warwick and Victoria on Sunday night.”

According to Bartlett, a robust year of entertainment is expected to bring in record crowds that will affect the traffic patterns. “We have a world-renowned stunt rider, Jason Britton, this year as well as a family of daredevils riding the walls and, actually, upside down in their Globe of Death.”

Another new attraction that is expected to draw huge crowds this year is an evening water show. “When we plan our programme, the first thing we look at are the high tides. This year the tides are high in the morning and again after dark so we’re having pyrotechnics shot off jet skis as part of the evening shows on Friday and Saturday. And the Urias Family Globe of Death will have performances under the stars also, that will impact the traffic patterns later than usual,” explains Bartlett.

The major change will be Sunday night after the fireworks when the RCMP will be directing traffic through the light-controlled intersection in Digby. Brooks explains, “With the large attendance for the popular fireworks, the downtown area has been gridlocked in the past by exiting vehicles. The constant flow of traffic through the main intersection will help alleviate some of that congestion, leading to a safer environment. The safety of visitors and residents is our main concern.”

Added Bartlett, “The Wharf Rat Rally will have two shuttle buses again running the circuit from Walmart to downtown on a continuous basis from Friday until Sunday, so we’re hoping that people will take advantage of this free service and leave their vehicles there, leading to less congestion.”

The 2017 Wharf Rat Rally traffic plan can be found on the website “wharfratrally.com” under Plan Your Visit and on the Town of Digby website at digby.ca.

The 13th Annual Wharf Rat Rally runs in Digby from August 30 to September 3, 2017

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