The Summer of Sandra Sangria

As has been the tradition here on Sea and be Scene – with each “Summer of..” celebrated by the Atlantic Film Festival – so too do we celebrate.... with the creation of an adult beverage.

Our first – The Murricane was a tropical style twist inspired by The Summer of Bill Murray. Then came the rather decadent and deadly good lookin' Depp Finder... much like the man himself for The Summer of Johnny Depp.

Last year, for the Summer of Spielberg - inspired by his 1997 hit CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND - we created a trio of liqueur infused ice creams named appropriately enough Close Encounters of the Third Kind - a truly tasty grown up dessert!

aff_sandra_poster_final rzNow we won't kid you - we're thrilled that the Atlantic Film Festival has declared this the Summer of Sandra - WE LOVE SANDRA BULLOCK and we knew we had to come up with something as lovely and delightful as the Oscar winner herself.   I'm pleased to say we've done it!!!

It's a blend of wonderful flavours reflecting her great range as an actress, it's beautiful like Ms.Bullock and it's an alliteration....can't beat without further ado...

Our Feature Presentation....


Popular in Europe for hundreds of years - Sangria is based on a traditional red wine punch with a variety of fruits and juice thrown in.

Summer of Sandra Sangria b

Sounds simple enough, but between you and me I'd never made a Sangria before, but I knew that I wanted it to have it's own unique taste and that I wanted the spirits to be from Atlantic Canada.

Apple Brandy, Blueberry Liqueur & NS REDWith that in mind... for the red wine - a great bottle of 100% Annapolis Valley grown wine from Domaine de Grand Pré called, as luck would have it, NS.RED.  Described as a "medium body with spicy, rustic notes and flavours of blackcurrant and blackberry" - it was PERFECT for our Sangria! Shout out to the team at the Chester NSLC for their great product knowledge and stellar service (that's probably why they just won Store of the Year - wahoo!!!)

The remaining spirited ingredients are the incredible products of Ironworks Distillery in Lunenburg. Now most Sangria recipes call for brandy - but you haven't lived until you've tried Ironworks Apple!  That had us on our way to amazing and then came the really unique addition that pushed the recipe to being absolutely Bullock-worthy.... Ironworks Blueberry Liqueur!!!

Add in the juices, the fruit and berries plus lemon Perrier and then sweet fancy Moses - you've got a marvelous mixture fit for movie star!


1 Bottle of NS.RED from Domaine de Grand Pré 750ml (chilled)

1/4 cup Ironworks Apple Brandy

1/4 cup of Ironworks Blueberry Liqueur

2 cups of lemon Perrier

1 Cup of Orange Juice (with pulp)

1/2 cup of sugar

1 Cup of BlackberriesSummer of Sandra Sangria

1 Cup of Blueberries

1 Cup of Strawberries (hulled & quartered)

2 Granny Smith Apple (peeled & cut into 1/2 inch pieces

1 Lemon thinly sliced

1 Lime thinly sliced

1 Orange thinly sliced

(more citrus fruits for garnish if desired)


In a large pitcher mix liquid ingredients

Add sugar and stir to dissolve.

Wash berries, cut up fruit and add to liquid mixture

And stir. That's it.


sangria 022Usually served in a wide bowl style wine glass, but also fun to serve in mason jars for a casual get together.

Good idea to have a ladle on hand to ensure each glass gets a good portion of the soaked fruit and berries

Garnish with a slices of lemon & lime.

ALWAYS refrigerate Sangria  until you're ready to serve and return unused portion to fridge until you need more.



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