SABS Signature “Summer of…” Cocktail – The ImaGINator

Posted: June 25, 2015

As has been the tradition here on Sea and be Scene – with each “Summer of..” celebrated by the Atlantic Film Festival – so too do we celebrate.... with the creation of an adult beverage.

Our first – The Murricane was a tropical style twist inspired by The Summer of Bill Murray. Then came the rather decadent and deadly good lookin' Depp Finder... much like the man himself for The Summer of Johnny Depp.  Then there was the Summer of Spielberg - inspired by his 1997 hit CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE AFF-OFE_THIRD KIND - we created a trio of liqueur infused ice creams named appropriately enough Close Encounters of the Third Kind - a truly tasty grown up dessert!

Then there was the loveliest ...last year's Summer of Sandra Sangria in salute to Sandra Bullock.

Well - this year the folks at the AFF have super sized their Outdoor Film Festival Experience with 11 fan favourites and a full on theme - the Summer of SuperHeroes - so we knew we had to come up with something EXTRA SUPER special.

And so we proudly present The ImaGINator!

top secret formulaPacked with the all the nutrients and antioxidant fighting power of blueberries and raspberries. Charged with the summer freshness of water melon and electrified by Ironworks new distilled GIN. Just released this spring it's made with classic gin botanicals including Nova Scotia juniper berries, rose hips and balsam fir buds.

All that AND it looks outstanding in the glass! It's the perfect grown-up compliment to your Summer of SuperHeroes.

And so that your trusty Sidekick is not left out of the celebrations - simply leave out the GIN and you've got a recipe the whole family can enjoy!

Cheers to your SUPER summer with The ImaGINator!


SABS signature cocktail 2 oz Chilled Blueberry Juice

2 oz Chilled Watermelon Juice

1/2 cup mixed fresh blueberries & raspberries

1/3 cup fresh watermelon cubes

2 tbs Raspberry Sorbet

2 oz Ironworks Gin (optional)

Extra berries to top & thin wedge of watermelon for the side

(makes 1 large cocktail)


Put EVERYTHING in a blender

Blend for 2 minutes until nice and frothy

Pour into a chilled margarita glass (as shown) or hurricane style glass if preferred

Enjoy The ImaGINator!!!

Sidekick's Summer of SUPERHEROES Imaginator

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The-DEPP-FinderThe-Murricaneice-cream-002-150x150 Summer of Sandra Sangria profile



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