Daniel MacIvor’s “Who Killed Spalding Gray”

A Sweet Release...

Siminovitch Prize-winning theatre artist Daniel MacIvor on stage at the Chester Playhouse for a limited run of his thought-provoking production Who Killed Spalding Gray.

On Wednesday, July 26th at 8:00pm Daniel MacIvor will open a five-performance run of his self- penned and performed production Who Killed Spalding Gray.  Two post-show talk back sessions with MacIvor, facilitated by the Chester Playhouse’s Artistic Director MaryLou Martin, will take place following the evening performances on Thursday, July 27, and Saturday, July 29.  These talk backs will give audience members an opportunity to learn more about the performance they have just experienced as well as the process involved in theatre creation from one of Canada’s finest artists.

Who Killed Spalding Gray? is a pair of monologues in dialogue with each other. The story begins on the weekend of January 11, 2004, when celebrated American monologist Spalding Gray ended his life by jumping off the Staten Island Ferry in New York. That same weekend on the other side of the country Daniel MacIvor, Canadian actor, playwright, theatre director, and film director, was spending three days in California,in a series of sessions with a man who had offered to save MacIvor’s life. Linking these two real stories is a fictional story derived from the obsessions of Gray and the inventions of MacIvor, about a man named Howard who had forgotten how to live. It all comes together as a solo performance about truth and lies and the four most important things in life.

The show runs evenings July 26-29 at 8pm, and there will be a 2pm matinee performance on Saturday July 29th.

Ticket prices, plus applicable taxes and fees, for the evenings are $29 for adults, $15 for youth (under 18), and $24 for the matinee.

There is a family rate of $19 each when you purchase two adult and two youth tickets.

Tickets for this production and all of the Summer Theatre Festival productions are available online at chesterplayhouse.ca, in person at our box office, or over the phone at 902-275-3933.

For more information please visit our website at chesterplayhouse.ca or drop by during box office hours: Monday 12-5:30 pm, Tuesday – Friday 10-5:30 pm (show days 10-8:30 pm), Saturday 12-8:30 pm, Closed on Sundays except for August 20, 12-8:30pm

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