The backstory....

As has been the tradition here on Sea and be Scene – with each “Summer of..” celebrated by the Atlantic Film Festival – so too do we celebrate.... with the creation of an adult beverage.

Our first – The Murricane was a tropical style twist inspired by The Summer of Bill Murray. Then came the rather decadent and deadly good lookin' Depp Finder... much like the man himself for The Summer of Johnny Depp.....and now....

pWell – we won't kid ya – 5 weeks in and we were stumped. Don't get us wrong The Summer of Spielberg has been visually incredible and jammed with blockbusters....but when it came to cocktails – we just couldn't nail down our thoughts...and then it hit us....once YOU the people picked CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND... inspiration stuck!

Just as Richard Dreyfuss was moved to make a mountain out of potatoes (watch) - we at Sea and be Scene were moved to make cocktails out of ice cream..... well sort of.

At any rate – without further ado – we proudly give you...

Our Feature Presentation


ice cream 007

IRONWORKS trio packWhen we saw the wonderful NEW Trio pack of 50ML liqueurs at Ironworks Distillery we knew we had the basis for a wonderful offering.... And you'll be able to make this trio tasting dessert for 4 people with this one special package. It's a taste sensation – filled with summery goodness!

cranberryCranberry Liqueur for the more traditional palette was partnered with french vanilla ice cream and 4 tbsp. dried cranberries chopped plus more to sprinkle for garnish



blueberry key limeBlueberry Liqueur was partnered spectacularly with Key Lime sorbet 800mL and fresh blueberries  (frozen would work too in the off season) mixed in and more for garnish, lime slice for garnish on each.



rasberry mint chocolateRaspberry Liqueur more dramatically partnered with chocolate mint chip ice cream 800mL, 8 tbsp raspberry jam and dark chocolate shavings to top with a square of dark chocolate for even more drama! 😉



By hand, mix each concoction in a separate bowl then re-freeze for at least 12 hours.


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