FROSTY’S Family-Friendly Martini

It's always a delight to visit the Algonquin Resort in beautiful St.Andrew's By The Sea, but it's EXTRA magical to spend time there at Christmas.

The historic spot - so lovingly re-imagined is decked out from top to bottom and everything sparkles for the holiday.

We had the great opportunity to check in during their 2015 Holiday Rescue Weekend - and what a time we had! It was during that stay that the talented folks at Braxton's came up with the sweetest salute to the Snowman that even The Sidekick could enjoy.

Hope you'll toast to the season with your family - cheers to happiness & great memories! SABS


Rim Martini Glass with crushed candy cane

Mix 2 oz Vanilla Ice Cream

2 oz of ginger ale

Splash of simple syrup on ice

Shake well and strain into martini glass

Garnish with Candy Cane

Holiday Recipe 2015

 Click here to watch our Holiday Special

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