Newfoundland & Labrador – March 2017 Event Listings

There are some great events taking place throughout the month of March 2017 – stay tuned for more, but in the meantime hit the road and take in these highlights of Newfoundland.

AND...if you've got an event coming up - drop us a line at [email protected]  with the details and we'll do our best to get it in there.

For more info on submissions click here.


Spirit of Newfoundland Dinner Theatre- St. John's
runs throughout the year
Spirit of Newfoundland & Labrador is a dynamic and spirited company in its 15th year. It consists of trained vocalists who flaunt their Newfoundland heritage by singing passionate, vibrant and harmony-filled songs. The group has delighted Queens, Prime Ministers, Presidents and thousands of loyal fans. The name of the company embraces and celebrates the rich spirit, culture and talent of Newfoundland and Labrador. Visit the website for more details


St. Paul Music Cafe - Harbour Grace
Throughout the year
This adult music cafe showcases musical talent from the local area. It features vocal & instrumental performances. Genres range from gospel, to jazz, country, pop and folk music. Call (709) 596 7549 or email [email protected]



Snow West- Corner Brook
Continues through March 31
Marble-Mountain-Western-Newfoundland7Experience the winter wonderland that can only be found in Western Newfoundland. Enjoy the season’s best outdoor adventures, including backcountry snowmobiling, skiing and snowboarding, zip lining, mug ups and more. Add in some evening entertainment and fantastic local dining, and you’ve got a celebration worth braving the elements for. Save some vacation time for Snow West and celebrate the outstanding variety of winter activities available to all ages and abilities in Western Newfoundland. Visit the site to find out more.


Revue Rising Tide Theatre 2016 - various venues
Runs - March 10
500x773-revue_2016_-poster-webAt Rising Tide we’ve started to dissect the year for REVUE 2016. We’re turning this sow’s ear into a silk purse.  It’s like peeling and onion and it brought tears to our eyes. It’s been such a happy year in the Happy Province.  Happy? We’re so happy we could… speaking of which, don’t miss RTT’s Tales from the Crapper featuring Paul Lane in “The Telltale Fart”, David Barzil as “THE FLY” (Help me! Help me!), and Earle McCurdy as “The Invisible Man”. Revue opens the show in St. John’s in January, and for the first time, will also close the show in St. John’s at the end of the tour in March.  It started in 1984 as a three-night show, a commentary on the events of the previous year and a way to give Newfoundlanders a collective sense of who we are and how our great sense of humor keeps us sane. Now into its 33rd season, Revue continues to fill the province's Arts and Culture Centres and beyond.  Click here for more details


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