Melissa Lloyd Launches DOODLE Lovely

December 19, 2016

As we approach that time of year for poignant reflections and hopeful resolutions we're pausing to salute someone whose real change for the better has resulted in a flourishing new business.

doodle-lovely-melissa-lloyd-photoHubbards, Nova Scotia native Melissa Lloyd found life as a designer, an artist, a daughter, a wife, a mother and friend moving too fast and in too many directions.  (sound familiar?)

The pressure to be perfect, wearing all those hats, left her feeling  "burnt out, a bit empty, and directionless."

So after her husband suggested she take a break from her work life to try to relax, reset, and find some clarity she discovered a truer perspective on life.

It was in that calm that she tapped into the real and creative side of herself - and in that stillness - her artistic self began to doodle.

That's right doodle.

doodle-lovely-doodled-1With no pressures or parameters she began to realize the incredible benefits of taking an "artful wander" each and every day.  That revelation led Melissa to create DOODLE Lovely - to encourage people to stop, even for just 5 minutes a day, to explore their own creative spirit.  From the "Creative Mind. Happy Soul Journal" to the "Doodled In Canada" colouring book her products are designed to be inspiring, supportive, and take people on a progressive wander to a place of more calm, clarity, creativity, and confidence.

Finding 'a place of calm, clarity, creativity, and confidence'?  Now, that's a New Year's Resolution we can all get behind! SABS


For more information on DOODLE Lovely, where to find products and to shop on line visit them at You can like them on Facebook at DOODLELovely and follow them on Instagram @doodlelovely


We're giving away a copy of  DOODLE Lovely "Doodled in Canada" Colouring book in our Countdown to Christmas Contest.

Click on the picture below to see how YOU can get in on the winning!



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