“One Loop At A Time” by Meryl Cook

About the Book...

Following a diagnosis of breast cancer, Meryl Cook turned her wake up call into wellness through her rug hooking.

click-my-nose-2016-bookWith each stage of her recovery, she gained increased awareness of herself and through her rugs, discovered a unique design method, along with a new way of thinking, and a new way of being.

Meryl had been a homeopath and Bowen therapist for 20 years, but it wasn’t until she faced her own health crisis that she understood at a bone deep level what it truly takes to heal.  One Loop at a Time, a story of rug hooking, healing and creativity follows Meryl’s journey as she wrote and hooked her way to wellness.  The book is filled with practical tips that readers can use to begin their healing journey.

Explaining the meaning behind each rug, Meryl takes you on her journey, showing how tapping into her creativity and Chakra colour theory led her to healing and finding her authentic self.

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About the Author...

author-meryl-cookMeryl worked in the healing arts as a Homeopath and Bowen Therapist for over 20 years, stepping aside from patient care in January 2016 to devote herself to her new business The Healing Mat Lady.  It wasn’t until she faced her own health wake up calls that she understood at a bone deep level what it truly takes to heal.

During her recent recovery from breast cancer, Meryl began designing a line of healing mats. These mats document the dragonfly process of healing as an opportunity to transform, adapt, find joy and dig deeper into her emotions.

meryl-cooks-rug-hooking-piecesMeryl has developed a unique process of writing on the linen around her design to highlight the inspiration for each mat.  She chooses colours for her mats based on the Chakra colour theory.  As well, she has developed a proprietary design process by following the energy of the emotion or quality she is trying to convey in the piece.

Meryl has dedicated her life and the next phase of her career to developing a process, a community and a mechanism for women who have had health wake up calls to transform their relationship with their bodies and discover what makes their heart sing.

Meryl is available as a speaker and to facilitate workshops on Hook a Healing Mat. She also works one on one with women to tell their stories of their journey from wake up call to wellness, using writing and rug hooking as her medium.

Meryl is the Canadian distributor for Miranda Castro Healing Creams for muscle and joint aches and pains and for recent or old scars.  She is also a retailer for made in Atlantic Canada Indigena Skincare.  With over 20 years experience as a health care practitioner, Meryl has handpicked clean, healthy products that will help you to be your most healthy, pain free, vibrant self.

Meryl enjoys an active lifestyle.  She is a walker, cyclist, dragon boat paddler, rug hooker, community volunteer and mother.

Connect with Meryl Cooke on her website merylcook.ca  on Twitter @HealingMatLady and on Facebook Meryl Cook The Healing Mat Lady


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