Posted: December 31, 2016

Well here we are.

At the end of another year, and as I posted on facebook a couple months ago "as far as character building years go - 2016 was the character buildingiest." BUT - we're through it!

Lots of challenges and loss to be sure of it, but lots of victories and good times too.  Now, I'm often accused of being too chipper, too cheery - so it most likely comes as no surprise that in my reflecting on the twelve months gone by  - I'll sort through the lot of it and hold onto the happy bits.  I'm lucky in that regard, as so many of my highlights are evidenced in the stories and videos here on Sea And Be Scene.  The wonderful people I've met, the places I've had the good fortune to visit, all of them spun into the incredible tapestry of times that have been woven over the last 6 and a half years.


And let the record show - I am embarking on 2017 full of hope. I have no doubt it will bring change, and challenge and new adventures.  I trust it will allow me the chance to continue not only my celebration of Atlantic Canada - but give me the opportunity to carve out new paths, filled with promise and lovely moments yet to live.  Let us pray!

As we mark the milestone of 2016 - I want to take this time to thank you so very much for your support over this past year... and all the years.

I'm grateful to everyone who's ever visited the site, watched the show, shared a link, RT'd a tweet, hearted, liked and all that social stuff.

profile-capeI'm grateful too for all the amazing East Coast Folks & Kindred Spirits who have allowed me into their lives, into their businesses, onto their sets, behind the scenes, backstage and beyond - I am so very grateful for your kindness and hospitality.


May 2017 be YOUR year to live fuller, laugh bigger and love like you've always dreamed.


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