What’s Your Favourite… EAST COAST FOOD TRUCK?

Posted: July 16, 2016

We love 'em - the variety, the service.... the wheels!


And you wouldn't be wrong to notice - more and more of them are rolling around Atlantic Canada - so in salute of this marvelously tasty mobile industry SEA AND BE SCENE TV is celebrating EAST COAST FOOD TRUCKS.

Our next episode of SABStv will feature our visit to the Hubbard's Barn Food Truck Rally, with a wonderful selection of vendors serving everything from hot eats to cool treats.  BUT we realize - compared to ALL the awesome Food Trucks in the region - our sample size will be small.

So this is the part where YOU come in....

FOOD TRUCK ASK Drop us an email [email protected]


We'd also love to know your reasons for loving it AND what you'd recommend we order too.

area for FOOD TRUCK showAND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SEND US A PICTURE - by all means put yourself in there too... enjoying your FOOD TRUCK experience.

Naturally this opportunity is open to ALL EAST COAST FOOD TRUCK VENDORS TOO - we're certain you're proud of your work on wheels - so please feel free to send in your own submissions!

NOTE: Because we'll be looking to include all the submissions we get in our August episode - we ask that you send in your favourites by no later than Friday, July 29th, 2016

THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION and we can't wait to hear from you! SABS


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