“The Tin Triangle” by Linda Abbott

About the Book...

I never imagined I would die this way. Young, surrounded by thousands, yet alone and far away from home. I thought I would be afraid, but I’m not. The pain in my chest has dulled to a mild ache. Maybe if I close my eyes I’ll see my home, see Mom one last time. She’ll be upset if I don’t say goodbye. Dad will understand the sacrifice I made for king and country. And little Joanie. She’ll miss me the most, I think. I open my eyes and my breath comes out as a shudder. Can I still be here among the dead and dying in this barren place? This no man’s land?
– Private Ronald Marrie, Beaumont Hamel, July 1, 1916

Ron Marrie of St. John’s enlisted with the Newfoundland Regiment in 1914 to join those who were fighting overseas in war-torn Europe. The Tin Triangle follows him through recruitment, training, and his first deadly clash with the enemy at Gallipoli. But that battle would pale in comparison to the fateful morning of July 1, 1916, when Ron and his comrades went over the top to engage the enemy at Beaumont Hamel.

Ron’s story, inspired by the author’s grandfather, is a tribute to the hundreds of Newfoundlanders who paid the ultimate price on foreign shores during World War I. The Tin Triangle is Linda Abbott’s third book and a storytelling masterpiece.


About the Author...

Linda Abbott author NLLinda Abbott was born in St. John’s, the eighth in a family of ten children. She is a graduate of Memorial University, with a Bachelor of Arts and Education. She holds a Certificate in French from Laval University, Quebec City, and attended the Frecker Institute in Saint Pierre.  She is a retired French Immersion teacher, having spent most of her career at Holy Trinity Elementary School in Torbay.

The Tin Triangle is her third novel. The Hull Home Fire is her second, and her first novel is the critically acclaimed bestseller The Loss of the Marion. She resides in St. John’s.


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