2016 East Coast Music Award Winners

Updated: April 17, 2016

MORE WINNERS ADDED and the list is complete!


Originally Posted: April 14, 2016

The best and brightest on the East Coast of Canada have come together on Cape Breton Island and the festivities are in full swing at #ECMW2016.

2016 ecma winners featurePart of the party is indeed the handing out of the hardware - and earlier tonight they did just that.

Sydney's Centre 200 was THE place to be - amidst performances from artists such as Hey Rosetta!, Jenn Grant, Fortunate Ones, City Natives, Neon DreamsBen Caplan, Christina Martin, Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy, The East Pointers, Raphaël Butler, and even from co-hosts Heather Rankin and Ashley MacIsaac ECMAs were presented.

We've posted the category complete ALL the nominees (because - YES - it is an honour just to be nominated) with the **winner** being noted as such.

Because there are still more trophies to be awarded - we'll update this page as they are passed out throughout the duration of East Coast Music Week.  For a complete list of this year's nominees click here.

Again congratulations to EVERYONE in EVERY category - we're some proud of ya! SABS




Folk Recording of the Year
**Amelia Curran - They Promised You Mercy**
Ben Caplan - Birds With Broken Wings
Jenn Grant - Compostela
Gabrielle Papillon - The Tempest of Old
Old Man Luedecke - Domestic Eccentric


Roots/Traditional Group Recording of the Year
Ben Miller &Anita MacDonald - A Day at the Lake
Danny Boudreau - DANNY PARTY
The East Pointers - Secret Victory
The Ennis Sisters - Stages
**Vishtèn - Terre Rouge**


Blues Recording of the Year
The Carson Downey Band - Catch Me If You Can
Ced Marty &Dave - To Our 3%
Dan Doiron - Stand Back I Don't Know How Loud This Thing Gets
**John Campbelljohn - Chin Up**
The Matt Landry Band - Are You Ever Gonna Go?


The Bucky Adams Memorial Award (formerly African-Canadian Recording of the Year)
Ced Marty &Dave - To Our 3%
**Chelsea Amber - Introducing Chelsea Amber**
Marcell Symonds - Just A Closer Walk
Samm Splash - The Breakup EP


Jazz Recording of the Year
Gypsophilia - Night Swimming
**Jerry Granelli - What I Hear Now**
Kirk MacDonald - Vista Obscura
Matt MacDougall - Boy Goes to City
Ouroboros - Ouroboros


Electronic Recording of the Year
Aqua Alta - Dreamsphere
ChessClub - ChessClub
Elephant Skeletons - Vol III
**Ryan Hemsworth - Alone For the First Time**
Scientists of Sound - Electric Is The Night


Dance Recording of the Year
Ben Rama - Intuition
FWLR - Killer Lady
Lonely Kid - For My Friends
Neon Dreams - The Last of Us
**PINEO & LOEB - Soul Clap**


Classical Composition of the Year
Anthony Genge - "Eastern Passage"
Derek Charke - "Wired and Wound"
**Dinuk Wijeratne - "Two Pop Songs on Antique Poems"**
Jérôme Blais - "(Un)forgotten Voices"
Martin Kutnowski - "Peter Emberley's Dream"


Classical Recording of the Year
Duo Concertante - Mendelssohn and MacDonald Double Concertos
The Sanctuary Trio - Estuary
Saint John String Quartet - Montage
**Symphony Nova Scotia - The How and Why of Memory**
Xara Choral Theatre Ensemble - Here On These Branches


Gospel Recording of the Year
Glenn Vincent Breen - Waiting
**Informants - Ezekiel**
Josh Lake - 40cm of Funk
Kelley Mooney - Still
Marcell Symonds - Just A Closer Walk


Rising Star Recording of the Year
Alana Yorke - Dream Magic
Brianna Gosse - AERA
Coyote - Proof of Life
**Fortunate Ones - The Bliss**
Kat McLevey - Evergrown


Rock Recording of the Year
**Hey Rosetta! - Second Sight**
Jerry Stamp - Rogue Doubt
Racoon Bandit - Close Your Eyes
Rain Over St. Ambrose - Still Waking Up
The Stanfields - Modem Operandi


Country Recording of the Year
The BackYard Devils - Honky Tonk Heartbreaker
Pretty Archie - North End Sky
Quentin Reddy - Diamond In the Rough
Tim Chaisson - Lost In Light
**Whitney Rose - Heartbreaker of the Year**


Loud Recording of the Year
Cabbages &Kings - Cabbages &Kings
Chaos Theory - We Are Disaster
**Dumpster Mummy - TRENCHFOOT**
Kilmore - City Lights
Shades of Sorrow - Ascension


Rap/Hip-Hop Recording of the Year
City Natives - Voltron
Fortunato - Unseen Armada
Ghettosocks - We're Going to Drink A Lot of Wine This Year, Boys. 2
**Quake Matthews - Rap Music**
Wordburglar - Rapplicable Skills


Aboriginal Artist of the Year
**City Natives - Voltron**
Kam Speech - EST1996
Pillorikput Inuit - Inuktitut Arias for All Seasons
Tristan Grant - TG-17


Album of the Year
Ben Caplan - Birds With Broken Wings (Producer: Josh “Socalled” Dolgin)
Fortunate Ones - The Bliss (Producer: Daniel Ledwell)
**Hey Rosetta! - Second Sight (Producer: Marcus Paquin)**
Jenn Grant - Compostela (Producer: Daniel Ledwell)
Mo Kenney - In My Dreams (Producer: Joel Plaskett)


Songwriter of the Year
Andrew James O'Brien/Catherine Allan (Fortunate Ones)
**Amelia Curran**
Chris Luedecke (Old Man Luedecke)
Jenn Grant
Tim Baker (Hey Rosetta!)


Group Recording of the Year
Coyote - Proof of Life
Fortunate Ones - The Bliss
Gypsophilia - Night Swimming
**Hey Rosetta! - Second Sight**
Rain Over St. Ambrose - Still Waking Up


Traditional Instrumental Recording of the Year
Aaron Collis & Duane Andrews - The Mallard Cottage Sessions
DOC - DesRoches Ouellette Chaisson
Jeff Jodrey - Carnival
**Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy - One**
Nuallan - The EP


Solo Recording of the Year
Amelia Curran - They Promised You Mercy
Gabrielle Papillon - The Tempest of Old
**Jenn Grant - Compostela**
Mo Kenney - In My Dreams
Ryan Hemsworth - Alone For the First Time


Song of the Year
Amelia Curran - "Somebody Somewhere"(Producer: Michael Philip Wojewoda)
Ben Caplan - "Birds With Broken Wings"(Producer: Josh “Socalled” Dolgin)
Christina Martin - "It'll Be Alright"(Producer: Dale Murray)
Fortunate Ones - "The Bliss"(Producer: Daniel Ledwell)
**Hey Rosetta! - "Soft Offering (For the Oft Suffering)"(Producer: Marcus Paquin)**


Fans' Choice Entertainer of the Year
Amelia Curran
Christina Martin
Hey Rosetta!
In-Flight Safety
Jenn Grant
Joel Plaskett
**Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy**
The Once
Ryan Hemsworth
Tim Chaisson


Fans' Choice Video of the Year
David Myles - "Santa Never Brings Me A Banjo"(Director: Murray Bain)
**Everglow - "Feel Your Heart"(Director: Devin Sooley)** SEE ABOVE
Hey Rosetta! - "Soft Offering (For The Oft Suffering)"(Director: Mark Bennett)
In-Flight Safety - "Animals"(Director: Drew Lightfoot)
Jenn Grant - "Bring Me A Rose"(Director: Jason Levangie)
Mo Kenney - "Telephones"(Director: Nathan Boey)
Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy - "The Chase" (Director: Keith Holding)
The Once - "We Are All Running"(Director: Bryan Dos Reis)
Raphaël Butler - "Harley 1970"(Directors: Patrick Gauvin & Mathieu Laprise)
Ria Mae - "Clothes Off"(Director: Jason Levangie)
Tomato/Tomato - "Toss It All Away" (Director: Jordan Mattie)


Francophone Recording of the Year
Joannie Benoit - Pot Mason
**Joey Robin Haché - Repaver l'âme**
Maxime McGraw - Changer d'air
Raphaël Butler - J'feel comme une machine
Ronald Bourgeois - Viens avec moi


Pop Recording of the Year **TIE**
Alana Yorke - Dream Magic
Brianna Gosse - AERA
**Christina Martin - It'll Be Alright**
**Coyote - Proof of Life**
SORREY - Thick As Thieves



Company of the Year
Forward Music Group
Rocking Horse Road Productions
Sonic Concerts
Sound of Pop


Event of the Year
Cavendish Beach Music Festival
**Celtic Colours International Festival**
Halifax Jazz Festival
New Glasgow Jubilee
PEI Mutual Festival of Small Halls


Graphic/Media Artist of the Year
Abracazebra Productions
**Deep Hollow Print**
Glen Leck
MANCHU - Mark Young Design
Richard Lann


Live Sound Engineer of the Year
Devin Farrell
Georgia Richards
John Ellingbo
**Kyle McDonald**


Management/Manager of the Year
Andree Gracie
Bruce Morel/Music Marketing International Inc.
Kilbride Music
Forward Music Group
**Sonic Entertainment Group**


Media Outlet of the Year
**The Coast: Halifax's Weekly**
Down East Country with George Canyon
East Coast Countdown
The Overcast: Newfoundland's Alternative Newspaper


Media Person of the Year
Adria Young
James Bennett
Paul-Émile Comeau
**Ryan McNutt**
Tom Bedell


Producer of the Year
Dale Murray
Jamie Foulds
**Joel Plaskett**
Mike "Sheppy" Shepherd
Scott Ferguson


Studio Engineer of the Year
Daniel Ledwell
Jamie Foulds
Jon Matthews
**Mike "Sheppy" Shepherd**
Scott Hammond


Studio of the Year
The Blue Room
**Lakewind Sound Studios**
New Scotland Yard Studio
The Sonic Temple
Soundpark Studios


Venue of the Year
The Carleton Music Bar & Grill
Glasgow Square Theatre
Harmony House Theatre
**The Mack (Confederation Centre)**
Plan b Lounge


Video of the Year
Christina Martin - "Take Me Back In A Dream"(Director: Jason Levangie)
David Myles - "Santa Never Brings Me A Banjo"(Director: Murray Bain)
**Mo Kenney - "Telephones"(Director: Nathan Boey)**
Ria Mae - "Clothes Off"(Director: Jason Levangie)
Ryan Hemsworth - "Snow In Newark"(Director: Martin C. Pariseau)

Stompin' Tom Awards
Gordon Stobbe, Hal Mills, Shirley Montague, Mark Gaudet, Emilio Pace
Dr. Helen Creighton Lifetime Achievement Award
Jack O'Donnell
Musician's Achievement Award
Ed Woodsworth
Industry Builder Award
Fred Lavery
ECMA Aficionados also received an award during the Industry Reception to recognize their contributions to the East Coast music industry. The recipients include City Printers Ltd (JONELJIM GROUP), Gary Chant, MECO Construction – DKI, Northern Contracting Limited and Newcap Radio.

While you're here you should check out all the fun we had at the 2015 ECMA Week in St.John's - so much fun in fact we needed 2 shows to get it all in. Click to view parts one & two.

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