White Rooster Theatre Presents “Hunger”

A Sweet Release

White Rooster Theatre is proud to present "Hunger" by Meghan Greeley on November 18-21 at the LSPU Hall, 3 Victoria Street. It features Ruth Lawrence (It Is Solved By Walking, Sex, The Rules Of), Greg Malone (CODCO, Republic of Doyle), Meghan Greeley (Kingdom, Crackie), Jamie Mac (Stratford Theatre Company) and Marthe Bernard (Kingdom, Sex, The Rules Of, Republic of Doyle) and is directed by Michael Waller (Kingdom, The Turn of the Screw).

IMeghan Greeley, Greg Malone, Marthe Bernard & Ruth Lawrence HUNGERn an isolated farmhouse during a period of ethnic cleansing, a couple attempts to perform an act of selflessness by hiding persecuted individuals behind the walls. As the war outside reaches a deafening climax, hunger reduces the protectors and the protected alike to a surreal and desperate state of savagery.

In "Hunger", Meghan Greeley skillfully explores the tenuous relationship between selflessness and survival while setting it against the backdrop of war and ethnic cleansing. This is a problem that is seen clearly in the narcissistic culture of today. For a society to function, its members must perform services for each other (in this case, provide food and protection). Yet there are times when members who behave "for the good of the group" often put themselves at a disadvantage compared with more selfish members of the same group. What happens to altruism when the provider’s own need is threatened? What if the intrinsic benefit (in this case, human survival) becomes a marketable good? This play explores that territory and goes even deeper into the very nature of benevolent acts and those who undertake them. That it does so with deft humour is truly astonishing.

"Hunger" is presented in association with Rising Tide Theatre

"Hunger" runs from November 18-21, 8pm at the LSPU Hall, 3 Victoria Street.

There will be a Pay-What-You-Decide at 2pm matinee on November 21.

For tickets, call the Hall 709-753-4531 or book online at www.rca.nf.ca.

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Currently celebrating its 15th year, White Rooster Theatre is a not-for-profit company incorporated by Ruth Lawrence, Sherry White and Adriana Maggs. Its mandate is to produce and promote theatre works by women writers with a focus on Newfoundland women.

"Hunger" Credits

Written by Meghan Greeley

Directed by Michael Waller

Featuring: Marthe Bernard, Ruth Lawrence,  Jamie MacDonald, Greg Malone and Meghan Greeley

Logo & Poster design by Duncan Major

We gratefully acknowledge financial support from Canada Council for the Arts, ArtsNL, the Government of NL (CEDP) and the City of St. John’s. We are thankful for the generous support of Newfoundland Power and the Arts and Culture Centre.

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