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Posted: August 25, 2015

The reviews have been wonderful and the experience second to none, now with less than a month to go in this eleven week run of POSSIBLE WORLDS at the Stratford Festival - we're checking back in with the production's star, Mount Pearl, NL's own Krystin Pellerin.

Krystin Pellerin will star in the short film TOUCHIn this edition of The Pellerin Post - we'll focus on the fabulous costumes Krystin wears throughout the show - and let's be clear, there are plenty of 'em!

With POSSIBLE WORLDS still in full swing - her downtime is tight.  Needless to say we're thrilled Ms.Pellerin has once again graciously granted our interview and we're so pleased to share that 'conversation' with you now....

SABS: Talk to me about your wardrobe for this show!! I happened to see a tweet with some spectacular red costume designs - who's responsible?

Krystin Pellerin:  Dana Osborn designed those costumes and she is amazing. From my very first fitting I felt so well looked after and in the best hands.  I was so lucky that Dana was there designing, she has such a brilliant instinct and such a keen eye for detail and she is the sweetest. Very thoughtful. I LOVED working with her.

Possible Worlds - costume designs

SABS: I've often heard actors say everything down to the shoes helps with bringing a character to life - is that how it is for you?

Krystin Pellerin: Yes!  A physical hook like costume can be such a gift as an actor and can tell you so much about who a character is - costume is a total life saver in a show like this where I'm essentially playing 3 characters in KRYSTIN PELLERIN POSSIBLE WORLDS wardrobeone.  Those costumes were such a huge part of the story telling and character development and were a real tangible, tactile way for me to latch on to who I was playing in every moment.  Those costumes are a lifeline and help me to shift gears on a dime from scene to scene.

SABS: Naturally - when you see that many costumes in any one production a person wonders 'DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO CHANGE?' I'm guessing there are helpers as you go? And hopefully no mishaps?!

Krystin Pellerin: It's a roller coaster backstage!! Never a dull moment that's for sure but me, Barb Newbery (wigs) and Lela Stairs (costumes) have got a pretty sweet rhythm going with those costume changes. There are 6 wigs and I think over a dozen costume changes over the course of a 90 minute show without intermission. Barb and Lela are the best. They are also such a huge support as I make my way through that story in between scenes. They are like little theatre angels waiting in the wings. Thank you Barb and Lela!!

Possible Worlds starring Krystin PellerinFor Krystin's first PELLERIN POST on "Possible Worlds" click here and for more information on the production itself click here

You can catch Krystin Pellerin in "Possible Worlds" running now through September 19th for show times and ticket information click here

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