The PELLERIN POST: Possible Worlds & Stratford

Posted: July 15, 2015

It's opening night again for NL born actress Krystin Pellerin.

Krystin Pellerin will star in the short film TOUCHNo stranger to live theatre - we've shared her posts on many a production over the years (see links below), but tonight is like no other.  This is her first Opening Night at Stratford.

Steeped in history and revered the world over to be sure of it - for more than half a century the Stratford Festival has been entertaining audiences, showcasing incredible talent and delivering incomparable works.

Needless to say - attention needed to be paid to this most momentous occasion, and while her schedule has been more than busy with rehearsals and previews, Ms.Pellerin graciously granted this interview and we're so pleased to share that 'conversation' with you now....

SABS: Talk to me about Stratford - what's it like to be on the famed and historic Stratford stage?

Krystin Pellerin:  I feel very fortunate to be here at the Stratford Festival this season. There's an incredible amount of creativity happening at all times and the concentration of talent here is unbelievable - it's really inspiring to be around. It's been a beautiful spring/summer so far and I feel very fulfilled as an artist and happy. I'm really looking forward to the opening "Possible Worlds" and running with the play into the fall. 

Krystin Pellerin as Joyce and Cyrus Lane as George in Possible Worlds Photography-David Hou

SABS: Have you worked with any of the cast or crew on other productions? 

Kyrstin Pellerin: The company of "Possible Worlds" is so lovely. It's just a great group of true blue people. Everyone in the cast has an east coast connection somehow too which is pretty uncanny considering there are only 5 of us. What are the odds?! It's a nice feeling to have in the rehearsal hall. It's the first time I've worked with everyone but it feels like we've known each other for years. We all get on so well together.

Krystin Pellerin as Joyce and Cyrus Lane as George in Possible Worlds

SABS: You been in such a variety of productions over the years - what's your favourite aspect of "Possible Worlds"?

Krystin Pellerin: "Possible Worlds" is a mind blowing play. I've loved wrestling with it together as a cast and with the director Mitchell Cushman. It's been such a challenge for us all and the pay off has been awesome. I've fallen in love with this play. I love playing Joyce. She is three characters in one and it's an opportunity to become a bit of a chameleon. I live for that kind of challenge. It's a thrill. Cyrus Lane is such a joy to work with and Mitchell Cushman has directed us all through this story beautifully. I can't wait to share this with an audience. 

Possible Worlds starring Krystin PellerinFor More information on "Possible Worlds" click here

You can catch Krystin Pellerin in "Possible Worlds" running now through September 19th for show times and ticket information click here

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