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THE LIST IS COMPLETE!!! Who won what below....

See you next year in Sydney, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.


Updated: April 13, 2015

East Coast Music Week is in full swing in St.John's, NL and amidst all the stellar performances, cool gigs, meeting, greeting and celebrating the sound - they're handing out the hardware to the best of the best.

We'll post categories as they're presented throughout the weekend so check back often. As we firmly believe it is indeed an honour to be nominated we'll show you all of those nominated in the category with the *winners* denoted as such.

Congratulations to the lot of you - we're some proud!!! SABS

Songwriter of the Year
Catherine MacLellan - “The Raven’s Sun” (Composers: Catherine MacLellan and Chris Gauthier)
*Hey Rosetta! - “Kintsukuroi” ( Composers: Tim Baker and Adam Hogan)*
Meaghan Smith - “Have A Heart” (Composers: Meaghan Smith, Ron Lopata, and Jason Mingo)
Molly Thomason - “Buttons” (Composer: Molly Thomason)
Ria Mae - “Clothes Off” (Composer: Ria Mae)

Rap/Hip-Hop Recording of the Year
Cam Smith - Cannon
City Natives - Red City
Jay Mayne - F*kit
*Radio Radio - Ej Feel Zoo*
Thrillah Kane - Thrillville 2

Roots/Traditional Group Recording of the Year
Cassie & Maggie MacDonald - Sterling Road
*Coìg - Five*
Duane Andrews and Craig Young - Charlie's Boogie
The Modern Grass - City Ghosts
Tomato Tomato - So It Goes

Traditional Instrumental Recording of the Year
The East Pointers - The East Pointers
Gillian Boucher - Attuned
Maxim Cormier - Maxim Cormier: 2
Troy MacGillivray - Tune Poets
*Wendy MacIsaac - Off The Floor*

Blues Recording of the Year
*Charlie A'Court - Come On Over*
The Hupman Brothers Band - Black River Blues
The Kendra Gale Band - Carousel

Jazz Recording of the Year
Greg Amirault - East of the Sun
*Kirk MacDonald - Symmetry*
les Païens - Carte blanche
Paul Tynan/Aaron Lington - BiCoastal Collective: Chapter Four
Paul Tynan/Jake Hanlon Duo - Autumn Song

Gospel Recording of the Year
Brunswick Street Baptist Church - 200 Christmases
*Chelsea Amber - Introducing Chelsea Amber*
Dan Bursey - Sleep Not Til Morning
Infinitely More - How The Light Gets In
Joe Cook - The One We've Been Waiting For

World Recording of the Year
The Count and The Cuban Cocktail - Influence
Earthbound Trio - Lettuce Turnip the Beet
Keith Mullins - Island Sol
Randal Arsenault and Dr. Zoo - Dr. Zoo's Last Dance
*Ten Strings And A Goat Skin – Corbeau*

Classical Composition of the Year
Anthony Genge - "Third Duo"
*Derek Charke - "Reel Variations"*
John Plant - "Capriccio"
*Rob Power - "Tunnel Mountain"*
Steven Naylor - "Dream Kitchen"

Classical Recording of the Year
*Mark Adam & Derek Charke - Kitchen Party*
Rob Power - Touch - Music for Percussion
Roger Lord - Chinese Piano Treasures
La Tour Baroque Duo - Music at the Time of Louisbourg
Trio Arkaède - Tour de France

R&B/Soul Recording of the Year
Baytown - Island
*Chelsea Amber - Introducing Chelsea Amber*
Kirsten Olivia - T.H.A.N. (The Here and Now)

Children's Recording of the Year
*Angelo Spinazzola  & The First Nations Songwriting Sessions - First Nations Songwriting Sessions with Angelo Spinazzola Volume 2*
Bruno Jacques Pelletier - Visualiser pour se réaliser
Down By the Docks - The Butterfly Bash and Other Treasures
Scotty and the Stars - Dancing Like a Dinosaur

Rock Recording of the Year
Adam Baldwin - Adam Baldwin
In-Flight Safety - Conversationalist
The Meds - South America
Molly Thomason - Columbus Field
*The Trews - The Trews*

Country Recording of the Year
*Jimmy Rankin - Back Road Paradise*
Makayla Lynn - Daydream
Mike Biggar - Feels Like Now
The Secrets - Break Even
Trinity Bradshaw - Open Skies

Pop Recording of the Year
Jenn Grant - Clairvoyant
Meaghan Smith - Have A Heart
*Mo Kenney - In My Dreams*
Rich Aucoin - Ephemeral
SoHo Ghetto - Thou or I or Both

Roots/Traditional Solo Recording of the Year
Allie Bennett - Full Circle
*Irish Mythen - Irish Mythen*
James Hill - The Old Silo
Matthew Byrne - Hearts & Heroes

Electronic Recording of the Year
*Joshua Van Tassel - Dance Music: Songs for Slow Motion*
Neon Dreams & Dezza - Blinders (ft. Laura Roy)
Rozalind MacPhail - Head First
Snug - Time & Space
Vogue Dots – Toska

Aboriginal Recording of the Year
Angelo Spinazzola  & The First Nations Songwriting Sessions - First Nations Songwriting Sessions with Angelo Spinazzola Volume 2
Black & Grey - Black & Grey EP
BlueJean River Band - Eastbound
*City Natives - Red City*
The Gary Sappier Blues Band - Who Ya Foolin

Video of the Year
Jay Mayne - "Poundcake" - (Director: Tyler Ross)
*Meaghan Smith - "Have a Heart" - (Director: Alon Isocianu)*
Monomyth - "Patsy" - (Director: Seth Smith)
Radio Radio - "Ej Feel Zoo" - (Director: Jonathan Bensimon)
The Thymes - "Lobotomy" - (Director: Jeremy Rice)

Francophone Recording of the Year
BLOU - 20 Temps
Cédric Vieno - Maquiller l'âne
Francelle Maria - La p'tite Acadienne
*Les Hay Babies - Mon Homesick Heart*
Les Hôtesses d'Hilaire - Party de ruisseau

Loud Recording of the Year
The Combine - Witness
Dumpster Mummy - Life Compactor
*Hero's Last Rite - The Mirror's Face*
Monsterbator - The Libel Belt
Zaum - Oracles

Album of the Year
*In-Flight Safety - Conversationalist (Producers: John Mullane and Glen Nicholson)*
Jimmy Rankin - Back Road Paradise (Producer: Bill Bell)
The Olympic Symphonium - Chance to Fate (Producers: Joshua Van Tassel and The Olympic Symphonium)
Rich Aucoin - Ephemeral (Producers: Rich Aucoin and Joel Waddell)
SoHo Ghetto - Thou or I or Both (Producer: Daniel Ledwell)

Folk Recording of the Year
Catherine MacLellan - The Raven's Sun
Cédric Vieno - Maquiller l'âne
Les Hay Babies - Mon Homesick Heart
Ian Sherwood - Everywhere to Go
*The Once - Departures*

Group Recording of the Year
The Once - Departures
Radio Radio - Ej Feel Zoo
Sherman Downey and The Ambiguous Case - The Sun In Your Eyes
*The Town Heroes - Sunday Movies*
The Trews - The Trews

Rising Star Recording of the Year
*Kim Harris - Only the Mighty*
Makayla Lynn - Daydream
RocketRocketShip - Shake It Off!
Steve Maloney and the Wandering Kind - Steve Maloney and the Wandering Kind
Willie Stratton & The Boarding Party - Deserter

Solo Recording of the Year
Adam Baldwin - Adam Baldwin
*Carleton Stone - Draws Blood*
Ian Sherwood - Everywhere To Go
Jimmy Rankin - Back Road Paradise
Rich Aucoin - Ephemeral

Song of the Year
*Hey Rosetta! - "Kintsukuroi" (Producer: Marcus Paquin)*
Jenn Grant - "Epic Sweep" (Producer: AquaAlta)
Jimmy Rankin - "Cool Car" (Producer: Bill Bell)
Mo Kenney - "Telephones" (Producer: Joel Plaskett)
Rich Aucoin - "Want to Believe" (Producer: Rich Aucoin)

Fans' Choice Entertainer of the Year
Ben Caplan and the Casual Smokers
David Myles
Hey Rosetta!
Jenn Grant
Mo Kenney
The Once
Paper Lions
Ria Mae
Rich Aucoin
*The Town Heroes*
The Trews

Fans' Choice Video of the Year WATCH ALL 9 VIDEOS
Don Brownrigg - "Sweet Dream Sleeper" (Director: Germain Collinge)
Jimmy Rankin - "Cool Car" (Director: Margaret Malandruccolo)
Paper Lions - "Philadelphia" (Directors: JP Poliquin and Nathan Bouey)
Radio Radio - "Ej Feel Zoo" (Director: Jonathan Bensimon)
Rich Aucoin - "Want to Believe" (Director: Jason Eisener)
Steve Maloney and the Wandering Kind - "Morning Break" (Directors: Adam Penney and Justin Davis)
The Stanfields - "Hard Miles" (Director: Dillon Garland)
*The Town Heroes - "Holdin' Up Grants" (Director: Dillon Garland)*
The Trews - "What's Fair is Fair" (Director: Drew Lightfoot)

2015 Industry Awards

Event of the Year
Celtic Colours International Festival
Halifax Jazz Festival
Halifax Pop Explosion
*Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival*
Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival

Graphic/Media Artist of the Year
DC Design House
Fish Bone Prints
*Jud Haynes*
Mark Young
Scott Blackburn

Live Sound Engineer of the Year
*David Hillier*
Georgia Richards
John Ellingbo
Louis McDonald
Wallace Hammond

Management/Manager of the Year
Bruce Morel/Music Marketing International Inc.
*Burnt Tree Entertainment*
Ian McKinnon/GroundSwell Music
Kilbride Music
Lynn Colepaugh/Malkin Music Management

Media Outlet of the Year
CKDU 88.1 FM
CTV Morning Live
*Jeff's Musical Car*
The Morning News on Global Halifax
Radio 96.5 FM

Media Person of the Year
Adria Young
Heidi Petracek
Jeff Boudreau
*Stephen Cooke*
Tom Power

Music Merchant of the Year
Acadian Embassy
Diminished Fifth Records
Fred's Records
*Sound of Pop*

Studio Engineer of the Year
Erien Eady-Ward
Jamie Foulds
Jon Matthews
*Mike "Sheppy" Shepherd*
Scott Hammond

Studio of the Year
The Blue Room
Lakewind Sound Studios
*New Scotland Yard Studio*
The Old Confidence Lodge
Soundpark Studios

Venue of the Year
*The Carleton Music Bar & Grill*
Confederation Centre of the Arts
The Ship Pub
St. Mary's Church
Union Street Café

Producer of the Year
Chris Kirby
Corey LeRue
Dale Murray
Daniel Ledwell
*Joel Plaskett*

Director's Special Achievement Award - *Marc Chouinard*

Industry Builder Award - *Fred's Records*

Dr. Helen Creighton Lifetime Achievement Award - *Dr. Tom Gordon*

Stompin' Tom Award
Mac Campbell (PEI)
Frank Barter (NB)
Jeff Goodspeed (NS)
Max MaxDonald (CB)
John White (NL)
Musician's Achievement Award - *Glenn Simmons*


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